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19 Plus Tips From 19 Years In Business & Marketing

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September 15, 2018

19 Plus Tips From 19 Years In Business & Marketing

Here is my deck presented at Digital Transformation conference in Manchester. I cover 19+ tips I have learnt in 19 years in marketing, growth, innovation and technology roles. I cover:
- What to do and what not to do
- The things you have to ignore
- How tech has developed a repellent for common sense
- Your productivity time is essential
- Frameworks can help you develop, how flexibility within frameworks can help develop your team and you as a manager
- And how culture and age are vital parts for you and your team to succeed



September 15, 2018

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  1. 19+ Tips From 19+ Years In Marketing & Management THE

    DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION SUMMIT - MANCHESTER Danny Denhard // Marketing Director // JustGiving
  2. My Long History Short 1. At School: Library assistant //

    Paper boy // KFC 2. Post School: Painter & Decorator // Bar Manager // Sales & Marketing - Computers 3. 20’s: Digital Project Manager - Finance // Went agency side ran both Marketing & Product 4. 30’s: Went through an IPO // Created my own consultancy // New Product launch - Crowdfunding // Director of Marketing // Leadership teams 1990’s TODAY @dannydenhard
  3. @dannydenhard

  4. Things To Remember

  5. The world is very different to when I started back

    in 1999 @dannydenhard
  6. We are in the anywhere, anytime generation @dannydenhard

  7. Humans Do Not Want To Think Anymore! @dannydenhard Source

  8. @dannydenhard

  9. @dannydenhard Source

  10. This deck is 19+ tips from 19 years in marketing,

    growth, tech & innovation
  11. Everyone is a marketing expert “Have you thought of x,

    y, z.” “I have an idea…” @dannydenhard
  12. You never know everything Especially when sex and relationships are

    involved @dannydenhard
  13. Work to the time that works for you Let your

    team do the same @dannydenhard
  14. Management is getting harder but is also more rewarding. Work

    out what rewards your team @dannydenhard
  15. Meetings are hell for everyone No-one loves them @dannydenhard

  16. @dannydenhard Source

  17. Communication Is Everything Short and precise over long and strong

  18. People want to look smart Sarah Cooper has the best

    breakdowns Source
  19. Freedom within frameworks Flexible can be your guide @dannydenhard

  20. Frameworks That Could Help You Download these from dannydenhard.com/matrix @dannydenhard

    • The Eisenhower matrix • Swot Analysis • The John Whitmore model (kiss model / keep it simple, stupid) • The feedback model (plus advice, compliment vs criticism, suggestion) • The subtle signals model • The Maslow pyramid (the things we desire the most are the things we need the least) • The AI model (what kind of discussion type are you) • The prisoners dilemma (game theory, when is it worth trusting someone) • The Hersey-blanchard model. Situational leadership
  21. @dannydenhard Source: Imgur

  22. STRATEGY @dannydenhard

  23. Think of strategy like baking a cake Everyone starts with

    the same ingredients, It’s experience, confidence and timing that makes your cake tasty @dannydenhard
  24. No one creates strategies the same way Some have to

    think of the huge overachieving goal and work down, Others have to build to a targeted number and build out @dannydenhard
  25. Strategy is now a 90 day game A year long

    strategy cannot exist in 2018 or beyond @dannydenhard
  26. @dannydenhard

  27. Age is just a number Talent shouldn’t have an age

    restriction @dannydenhard
  28. Embrace change quickly Algorithms control our daily lives already @dannydenhard

  29. We all work with idiots Especially within the open office

    environment @dannydenhard
  30. Experience this? I bet you have Source

  31. We are fighting for micro and snack moments Dedicated marketing

    time does not exist @dannydenhard
  32. None
  33. Your “silver bullet” lasts for 30 seconds You are dilutable

    as soon as your product goes live @dannydenhard
  34. Product trumps beats everything else A good product is priceless.

    A great product is a unicorn @dannydenhard
  35. Data is essential Until you get analysis paralysis @dannydenhard

  36. Performance anxiety is a real thing Start with small wins

  37. 1 Problem 2 Solutions Problems kill creativity & productivity @dannydenhard

  38. Everyone has off days Off weeks aren’t normal @dannydenhard

  39. Thank you is the most powerful word Thank people the

    way they appreciate thanks @dannydenhard
  40. Fast / close following only gets you so far Innovation

    & duplication can only last so long @dannydenhard
  41. Head Heart Gut We are all different @dannydenhard

  42. Empathy is the most important skill we have as a

    human Ask how people are, ask what is going on, if you can help them @dannydenhard
  43. Thank you ! Image Sources – Unsplash.com unless source referenced

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