iBuyer BEWARE: The Worst Thing to Happen to Homeowners

iBuyer BEWARE: The Worst Thing to Happen to Homeowners

The problem: Report after report, tells us the iBuyer wave is not slowing down any time soon. That means lost listings for agents and lost equity for homeowners because of heavily marketed misinformation, and in many cases, complete untruths. The iBuyer wave is hurting REALTORS®, consumers, and the real estate industry.

This workshop is based on weeks of research. We have taken data from the iBuyer’s websites and created a presentation that validates why iBuyer is the worst thing to happen to homeowners. In this presentation you will learn:

• The pitfalls of these programs and why they should not be called i-Buyers but i-Investors
• How to effectively communicate to every homeowner why they should not sell to an iBuyer unless they are willing to give their house away for a lot less for what a REALTOR® can sell their home for


Darryl Davis

May 15, 2019