TypeScript: Complete

TypeScript: Complete

When moving to client-side technologies, TypeScript is a natural fit for everyone coming from strongly typed languages. Being a true superset of JavaScript, TypeScript adds a powerful type system and language features to help developers from other languages stay alert in a world where "undefined is not a function". In this three hour deep dive session, you will learn TypeScript from the ground up.

The course covers in depth language features, tooling and real world examples. After this deep dive course you will be able to do the following:

Use TypeScript in your regular JavaScript files, without any new syntax at all
Apply TypeScript's language features, from simple string types to Decorators and Generics
Set up TypeScript with Webpack
Set up tooling to check your code for errors
Set up the perfect TypeScript IDE/Editor
Create union, intersection, index, mapped and conditional types for advanced type checks and tooling support
Use TypeScript's type inference for React and Angular
Join us to make the web world a (type-) safer place!


Deepu K Sasidharan

November 13, 2018