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Escape From Alcatraz: The Brave New World of Xcode Extensions - Pragma Conference Verona, October 2016

by Ellen Shapiro

Published October 14, 2016 in Technology

My talk/rant about Xcode Extensions, updated and given at #pragma Conference in Verona, Italy, October 2016.

Sample code: https://github.com/designatednerd/Xcode8ExtensionExample

Every iOS developer wants to tweak Xcode to get it to do exactly what they want it to do. For the last couple of years, a whole ecosystem of plugins grew around a package manager called Alcatraz. But In Xcode 8, Apple dropped the hammer on the undocumented plugin architecture. In its place, they've introduced Xcode Extensions: An official, documented way to start to make Xcode do what you want. Ellen will discuss the history and future of what can be done with these extensions, and walk through an example of creating one.