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Introducing Espresso Test Recorder - AndroidListener Chicago, June 2016

Introducing Espresso Test Recorder - AndroidListener Chicago, June 2016

A quick look at the new Espresso test recorder.

The presentation was mostly a demo of how this doesn't quite work correctly in 2.2 Preview 3. Results of the recording are here: https://github.com/designatednerd/Wino/blob/master/app/src/androidTest/java/com/designatednerd/wino/activity/WineTastingActivityTest.java

Ellen Shapiro

June 16, 2016

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  1. Introducing The Espresso Test Recorder by Ellen Shapiro Lead Mobile

    Developer, SpotHero AndroidListener, June 2016
  2. It is Beta. — Introduced a few weeks ago at

    I/O 2016 — Released one week ago as part of Android Studio Canary Build 2.2, Preview 3 — Tap through your application and record your actions, add assertions.
  3. Links! — Android Studio Canary Builds: http:// tools.android.com/download/studio/canary/latest — What's

    new in Android Development Tools - Google I/O 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=csaXml4xtN8 — Espresso Documentation: https://google.github.io/ android-testing-support-library/docs/espresso/ index.html