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How To Write Script For Web Videos

How To Write Script For Web Videos

In this speaker deck, David Jenyns talks about how to write script for web videos. He walks you through the process that he use which always starts in getting into the mind of your customer. He then uses this "avatar" in outlining and creating the script.

This presentation is from the Light Camera Profit! Workshop. To learn more and view the other presentations, visit http://www.melbournevideoproduction.com.au/video-seo/web-video-tutorials/


David Jenyns

June 17, 2014


  1. SCRIPT WRITING Master the art of story telling.

  2. VIDEO OBJECTIVE • Know your avatar • Choosing the outcome

    will dictate the content • What action do you want them to take? • How long should it be?
  3. SCRIPTING FUNDAMENTALS • Simplify the message • Less is more

    • Follow the 3 act structure
  4. SCRIPTING FUNDAMENTALS • It’s all in the story • Show

    don't tell • It's not about you
  5. VIDEO SALES LETTERS • It's just like traditional copy •

    Higher conversion • People buy from people • Know your avatar • Hook, story, sell
  6. HOOK THEM • Break their pattern • Just like a

    headline - be bold • You're about to discover <insert biggest benefit> • Call out their biggest concern
  7. TELL THEM A STORY ! ! • Explain the situation

    • Magnify their feelings • What is it, why it works, how it can work for them
  8. SELL THEM • Build the trust / proof it works

    • How much is it? • Guarantee • Call to action • Tell them what to do next • Zero confusion + single option
  9. THE BBS FORMULA • BBS biggest opportunity online • Selling

    my 500+ websites • What it's all about • Who we are • How much • Guarantee • Book your spot now • www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgO2BH8qFiE
  10. THE OTM EXPERIMENT ! ! ! ! ! • Performed

    x7 better - make your offer crystal clear VS
  11. OPTIN FORMS SUCCESS • What they'll get • Build trust

    • Tell them what to do • On thank you page make them an offer • www.meta-formula.com/MetaStock-Subscribe.html
  12. WHAT THE FAQ? • Instant content • People prefer people

    to tell them things • Short and sharp • Get your sales message in there too (you've earned it)
  13. Q&A • Choose 10 x 10 technique... • Does it

    work? (example: will it blend?) • Is it worth the money? • How much is it? • When can I expect results? • How much work will it be for me? • I can't afford it
  14. Q&A • My business is unique • Can't I do

    it myself? • Who are you? • How can I help you? • Have you had any failures? • How long will it take? • Is there a guarantee?
  15. WHAT TO WRITE • The question • An explanation of

    the answer • Responses to anticipated barriers • Call to action • Ask for customer response
  16. TUTORIALS • Positioning yourself as the expert • Get repeat

    views • Build trust • Create a product • Example: Final Cut King www.finalcutking.com/ Video_Training/Home.html)
  17. WHAT TO WRITE • A clear, step by step plan

    • How it will help people • Keywords (also good for SEO) • Where to find out more/subscribe
  18. INTERVIEWS • Align yourself with an expert • Mutually beneficial

    • Most successful people are happy to share • Future proofing
  19. WHAT TO WRITE • Ask them what you want to

    know... • How did you get started? • What's your philosophy? • Who are some of your mentors?
  20. WHAT TO WRITE • What are some of the challenges

    you've faced along the way? • What do think has made you successful? • What advice would give people looking to get into this field? • What's next for you? What do you see as the future of this industry?
  21. TESTIMONIALS • What others say about you is everything •

    Builds instant credibility • Helps you know what's important to your clients • Set it up at the beginning of the job
  22. WHAT TO WRITE • What was their situation/issue before working

    with you? • Why did they choose you? • What was the result? • What does that mean to you?
  23. WHAT TO WRITE • What's happening now? • What advice

    would you give to someone thinking about working with your company? • Is there anything else you’d like to add?
  24. THE PROOF • Read this...

  25. THE PROOF • Watch this... Insert Heather’s video

  26. VIRAL VS BRANDED CONTENT • What's the difference? • Viral

    spreads organically • Short term gain • Branded content is more niche • About the story/info


  29. FROM SCRIPT TO SCREEN • www.soundshop.com.au/catalogues/cables/ • www.soundshop.com.au/brands/our-brands/anthony-gallo-interview/

  30. WHERE DO YOU START? • If you’ve already got a

    website • Target your most trafficked webpages • Homepage, products or services
 (Pete’s Infiniti example), testimonials, FAQ,
 tutorials, interviews, branded content