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Community works for business

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October 07, 2012

Community works for business

Being part of the community is not just great to support the open-source movement, but it also is great for business. Why is it that big companies invest in open-source projects and how can your business benefit from participation? In this talk I explain the reasons why companies like to be associated with the PHP community and how your business can benefit from it.



October 07, 2012


  1. Community Works For business

  2. Who uses open-source?

  3. Who contributes back?

  4. Business involvement?

  5. PHP Community

  6. Organizing events

  7. Build projects

  8. Volunteers

  9. Pay themselves

  10. Need support

  11. Why participate?

  12. Example • it's good for the health of the language

    • it's good for business • depends on the usage of language / technology • target the audience that become your promoters • good sentiment around the company and brand (brand awareness) • build relationships one-on-one and give demos • a great way to recruit for your company • community feedback about your company • keeping in touch with community Thanks to Elizabeth Naramore for providing feedback
  13. Example • learn technology in an early stage • get

    in touch with people to provide support • follow up on technological evolutions and trends • easier finding partners, customers or new employees Thanks to Thijs Feryn for providing feedback
  14. Example • visibility to potential employees and partners • giving

    something back to the community • building a business on top of quality open source projects • being part of a fun and engaging group Thanks to Wim Godden for providing feedback
  15. Example • access to everyone’s best practices + innovation •

    share best technical solutions • cooperate on a technical level - compete on a business level • real multiplier (e.g. US Government) for reusable infrastructure • making the difference • buy once, get improvements back for free indefinitely • more secure products Thanks to Jeffrey McGuire for providing feedback
  16. Example • learn internals of open-source projects • meeting experts

    for support and advice • finding new ways to offer better services • finding gratitude in “giving back”
  17. Summary • keeping up-to-date on new technologies • establishing support

    and advice networks • feedback on your products / services • great for hiring new employees • great for finding new customers
  18. How getting involved?

  19. Report bugs

  20. Fix issues or add features

  21. Write documentation

  22. Provide translations

  23. Other ways to help

  24. Room for user groups

  25. Buy beer for events

  26. Sponsor events

  27. Provide hosting

  28. Give us developers

  29. What’s the ROI?

  30. Long term investment

  31. Create partnerships

  32. Get valuable feedback

  33. Brand awareness

  34. Beta testing

  35. Buy once, use forever

  36. Hiring and recruitment

  37. Support and assistance

  38. Market leader

  39. Community works!

  40. Community feedback

  41. Community Interactions

  42. Improved products

  43. Product Evangelists

  44. Give little, get much

  45. Beware of dangers!

  46. Arrogance

  47. High Expectations

  48. Everything for granted

  49. Don’t build on others’ rep

  50. Earn the seat at the table

  51. Summary

  52. Invest in communities

  53. Give because you want to

  54. Earn respect

  55. Do better business

  56. Thank you

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