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We Need to Teach People Drupal 8. Now.

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September 24, 2013

We Need to Teach People Drupal 8. Now.

Slides from a presentation I gave at DrupalCon Prague 2013 in the core conversations track talking about how the Drupal community is currently, and can continue to get better at teaching itself Drupal 8.




September 24, 2013

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  1. 23 September, 2013 Wednesday, September 25, 13

  2. 23 September, 2013 WE NEED TO TEACH PEOPLE DRUPAL 8.

    NOW. Joe Shindelar - @eojthebrave Wednesday, September 25, 13
  3. Hi, I’m Joe. @eojthebrave Wednesday, September 25, 13

  4. Hi, I’m Joe. @eojthebrave Wednesday, September 25, 13

  5. This Talk ‣ Why this is important. ‣ What we

    are already doing. ‣ What we could be doing. ‣ Leveraging our local user groups. ‣ Discussion Wednesday, September 25, 13
  6. This Is Important! ‣ A lot has changed in D8,

    a lot is new. ‣ There’s a lot of unfortunate FUD in this space right now. ‣ This is critical to the adoption of D8. ‣ There’s a lot of potential for people to get involved. Wednesday, September 25, 13
  7. Existing Resources* ‣ api.drupal.org ‣ Change notices ‣ Handbook (drupal.org)

    ‣ Blog posts and content not on d.o. ‣ Video ‣ In person training (including cons, camps) * We can always make them better. Wednesday, September 25, 13
  8. More Video ... Remember when we re-named ControllerInterface to ContainerInjectionIntergelacticPlanetaryI

    nterfaceFactoryMachine? Wednesday, September 25, 13
  9. What Else Can We Do? Some of my thoughts and

    observations. Wednesday, September 25, 13
  10. Get Excited. Build Hype. As leaders in the field one

    of the most beneficial things you can do is help to get others excited about the changes that are taking place. Why are you excited about D8? Wednesday, September 25, 13
  11. Bubble Up the Why As a developer I’m generally pretty

    happy to go and look things up on api.drupal.org to learn how they work, but where do I go to learn the why? Our community will push the tools we give them to do things we cant’t even imagine but you need to know the rules before you can break them. Wednesday, September 25, 13
  12. Examples Project We need to get this updated. Period. https://drupal.org/node/1880976

    https://drupal.org/node/1532612 Is this the kind of thing we should/could have sprints for? Wednesday, September 25, 13
  13. Learn From Others We’re certainly not the first to do

    this, who else can we learn from? ‣ Other OSS projects. ‣ Companies, Organizations. ‣ Where have you experienced this type of “rollout” learning before? Wednesday, September 25, 13
  14. Epic ‣ US Health Care Agencies required to switch to

    EMR. ‣ Thousands of people need re-training. ‣ Educate one key person per team, aka. Super User. ‣ Key person helps educate their team. Wednesday, September 25, 13
  15. Super User Proposal ‣ Core group committed to creating a

    15-20 minute curriculum on a monthly basis. ‣ Monthly meeting where core group presents the new curriculum to “Super users” ‣ “Super users” take the curriculum and present it to their local user group. ‣ Repeat ... Wednesday, September 25, 13
  16. Community vs. Company How does a community of volunteers educate

    the masses and when is education maybe better suited to individuals or companies? How can companies help support training our community? Wednesday, September 25, 13
  17. I’m An Individual ... ‣ Help write/update documentation. ‣ Build

    hype amongst your peers. ‣ Tell us what was hard for you while you were learning. ‣ Share. Wednesday, September 25, 13
  18. I’m An Organization ... ‣ Give your employees time dedicated

    to learning D8. ‣ Got a D8 wizard on staff? Have them help educate your team and the local community. ‣ Funding curriculum development, etc. Wednesday, September 25, 13
  19. This Is Important Make education a first class citizen just

    like we do with other initiatives. Wednesday, September 25, 13
  20. Recap ‣ Already doing a lot. It can be improved.

    ‣ Be leaders. Inspire, and energize. ‣ Learn from others. ‣ We need to provide ways for individuals to volunteer and inspire companies to get involved. Wednesday, September 25, 13
  21. Lets Talk ... ‣ Got examples to share? ‣ How

    can we improve our existing resources? ‣ Improve discoverability of existing resources? ‣ Share your other ideas? Wednesday, September 25, 13
  22. Sprints on Friday ‣ Great chance to learn. ‣ Great

    chance to teach. ‣ And if you want to talk more about this find me. Wednesday, September 25, 13
  23. Wednesday, September 25, 13

  24. THANK YOU! WHAT DID YOU THINK? Locate this session at

    the DrupalCon Prague website: http://prague2013.drupal.org/schedule Click the “Take the survey” link Wednesday, September 25, 13