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Typeform User Onboarding: 8 Steps To Start Your Next Conversations

Typeform User Onboarding: 8 Steps To Start Your Next Conversations

The Typeform team makes you taste the product as you go through the onboarding flow.

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Flo Merian

March 26, 2021


  1. Typeform User Onboarding On-Going Foretaste

  2. Taste the product as you walk through the onboarding flow.

    What I like about it. @fmerian
  3. Step 1. Create your account.

  4. Step 2. Activate your account.

  5. Step 3. Let's get you set up.

  6. Step 4. First name?

  7. Step 5. Last name?

  8. Step 6. What will you use Typeform for?

  9. Step 7. Almost done.

  10. Step 8. Let's do this.

  11. Step 1. Create account. Step 2. Activate it. Step 3.

    Get set up. Step 5. Last name. Step 6. What you'll use for. Step 7. Almost done. Step 4. First name. Recap Step 8. Let's do this.
  12. One more step As a marketer, I like to break

    down onboarding experiences from great B2B SaaS companies. I share my reviews once a week.