The road to open networks

The road to open networks

Open Source has won: nowadays most of the internet runs on top of open source software and we trust it on devices big and small for everyday computing. We’ve come a long way in building trust into open source software, but the landscape was very different a couple of decades ago. This trust in open source has created room for open models to spread to other areas such as Open Source Hardware, Open Data, Open Access, and more recently Open Networks.

Since 2015, the community of The Things Network is building a global, free and open network for the Internet of Things based on LoRaWAN technology. Today, The Things Network is active in more than 400 cities across 84 countries and there are thousands of users worldwide contributing to consolidate the notion that open network infrastructure can be trusted just as much as we trust open source software. Some of the largest local communities of The Things Network are located Switzerland.


Gonzalo Casas

October 20, 2017