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Sometimes You Need to Draw Animals

Hannah Donovan
August 09, 2015

Sometimes You Need to Draw Animals

This is my story of going to the edge of burnout and back again. When I quit my first startup job in 2011, I did so thinking I might not be able to make anything ever again. Since then, I’ve devoted most of my personal time to working on this as a design problem.

As people who make things, burnout — and the inevitable sequel to it, maker’s block — is something we all face. It might be big, it might be small, mine was pretty big. I’ll share my favourite tools for solving and preventing burnout, as well as what factors contributed to it in the first place.

(There will also be drawings of animals.)

Hannah Donovan

August 09, 2015

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  6. This will probably happen to you too (if it hasn’t

    already). MY STORY ISN’T UNIQUE
  7. As makers, you’d think one of the most important things

    to learn would be how to take care of our abilities
  8. As makers, you’d think one of the most important things

    to learn would be how to take care of our abilities I’M NOT CONVINCED THAT HAPPENS
  9. These aren’t just about fixing what was broken, but redesigning

 I approach making. FOR “MAKER’S BLOCK”
  10. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT Infographics for Invincible Iron Man #33 back

    up story (collaboration with Jamie McKelvie)
  11. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT Identity for the Manhattans Project LONG VINEGARED

    G&T Hendrick’s Gin, elderflower and tonic with a smidgen of dessert wine vinegar. Refinement personified, then turned into a drink. £8 ITALIAN PALE ALE Flying Dog ipa and Campari, served over ice with a grapefruit wedge. To be honest, we didn’t expect it either. £7 HOUSE CLASSICS TOM COLLINS LADY MACBETH SHERRY COBBLER RED HOOK A rotating list of classics we think deserve a little more attention. All £8 At the Manhattans Project, we like great booze, strong drinks and have a penchant for classics. We like questions too, so please talk to us if you have any about the menu. No vertical drinking. Discretionary 12.5% service added. SHORT HOUSE MANHATTAN Rittenhouse 100, softened with cognac, rounded with a blend of vermouths and topped with a homemade brandied cherry. It’s pretty much our thing. £10 MOONSHINE BOULEVARDIER Redneck Georgia Moon goes to finishing school with Aperol, Campari, Cocchi vermouth and peach liqueur. Dang she done scrub up purdy fine. £10 GREENGAGE OLD FASHIONED Bourbon’s night off. La Penca mezcal brightened with old-timey greengage syrup, stirred down over ice with a dash of Peychaud’s bitters. £10 LAPSANG MARTINEZ Fruity Tanqueray 10, Lapsang tea and Talisker, mellowed with Antica formula. Smoky and complex; half Churchill, half Roosevelt. £10 7 RUM MAI TAI If you like rum so much why don’t you go live there? A Tiki mix of seven rums, manhandled into submission with almond syrup and fresh citrus. £10 CLASSIC COCKTAILS DONE RIGHT PDQKDWWDQVSURMHFWFRPŤWZLWWHUPDQKDWWDQVPRJCTŤIDFHERRNPDQKDWWDQVSURMHFW
  12. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT Logo & design for THREE (collaboration with

    Kieron Gillen, Ryan Kelly & Jordie Bellaire) $2.99 1
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    YOU! Want to get in touch? @han on the internet Email: [email protected]
 Further reading & references: The Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron Bird by Bird – Anne Lamott The Creative Habit – Twyla Tharp