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Souls & Machines: Designing the Future of Content

Souls & Machines: Designing the Future of Content

Presented at Generate, NYC

Not too long ago, it seemed like big data and collaborative filtering were going to solve our desires for discovery and inspiration. At the same time, platforms dedicated to new methods of self expression – music, writing, video etc. – have matured, and their new forms of content have become mainstays of our culture.

Today, content companies are adapting to become digital products, and tech companies are learning to make content. How does a product designer navigate this changing landscape? What are the answers to questions like “humans vs. computers”; “pro vs. user-generated content”; and “opinion vs. democracy”? This and more will be answered through case studies, experiments and of course, stories. Come to learn, stay for the fun :)

Hannah Donovan

April 22, 2016

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  1. When I know exactly what I want, I already have

    context conenction perspective
  2. When I don’t know what I want, what I need

    is context conenction perspective
  3. On it’s own, [content] is pretty dumb, until some smart

    design system grabs it and displays it in the right context
 Mark Boulton
  4. Original 1. Corrected levels 2. Film grain added 28% 34%

    40% 46% 52% Oct 2012 Nov Dec Jan 2013 Feb Mar Apr May Jams with written descriptions CO N TEXT: W O RD S, A RT
  5. Humans are human because they have a perspective: they care

    about things. One might call it our ability to give a damn. And it is this quality that allows us to determine what matters and where we stand. A computer can’t do that. The Moment of Clarity
  6. Some people (they are wrong) say design is about solving

    problems. Obviously designers do solve problems, but then so do dentists. Design is about cultural invention.
 Jack Schulze Photo by Timo Arnall
  7. “Culture represents a synthesis, a putting together of things…so completely,

    that the combination has an individuality of its own. It may be only an amalgam; it is better if it be a chemical combination. Culture does not exist in the form of powder, a mere mass of incoherent particles.” – Owen D Young
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