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Appifying The Data Centre

75935a034e6c04dfd6f6946a299c3937?s=47 Harish Pillay
September 15, 2016

Appifying The Data Centre

Talk presented at Data Center Dynamics South East Asia event on September 15, 2016 at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore.


Harish Pillay

September 15, 2016


  1. App-ifying The Data Centre Harish Pillay Red Hat @harishpillay

  2. 2 Assumptions  Power efficient & standardized hardware → CPU/RAM

    (Intel, ARM) → Storage: SSDs/Spin-efficient disks → Networking
  3. Retail Finance Media Transportation ? ? Software Disrupts Business

  4. 4

  5. So what does App-ifying The Data Centre mean?

  6. 6 App = ∑containers N n=1

  7. 7 Containers

  8. 8 Containers = Narrow Domain

  9. 9 Containers = Narrow Domain (microservices)

  10. 10 Containers = Narrow Domain (microservices) (micro <> small)

  11. 11 App = ∑containers N n=1

  12. 12 Deploying and Managing Apps

  13. 13 Deploying and Managing Apps

  14. 14 Orchestrating Apps

  15. 15 By Orchestrating Apps You can deliver Software Defined Data

  16. 16 What does a Software Defined Data Centre Really Mean™

  17. 17 Software Defined Data Centre → Software Defined Storage

  18. 18 Software Defined Data Centre → Software Defined Storage →

    Software Defined Networking
  19. 19 Software Defined Data Centre → Software Defined Storage →

    Software Defined Networking → Software Defined *
  20. 20 Software Defined Data Centre → Software Defined Storage →

    Software Defined Networking → Software Defined * → Build, deploy and manage securely with auditability and governance
  21. 21 How did we get here?

  22. 22 Three Words

  23. 23 Open Source Innovation

  24. 24 The open source model of collaboration and innovation is

    now delivering the best outcomes for technology across all industries
  25. 25 An example

  26. 26 IDA Green Data Centre Innovation Call For Collaboration (

    • Section 5.1: Software-Defined Data Centres (SDDC). Data centre IT systems suffer from poor utilisation due to over - provisioning and resource silos. Research leverages advances in software defined systems to re-architect the data centre for energy efficiency. A salient feature of most software-defined data centre architectures is the open nature of the technology stack, which removes many of the barriers to entry put in place by market incumbents – an unprecedented opportunity for made-in Singapore technology to impact the global landscape [colour emphasis added]
  27. IT Must Evolve to Stay Ahead of Demands

  28. 28 Red Hat provides the glue needed to make the

    Software Defined Data Centres work
  29. 29 1M+ projects* *

  30. 30 1. Storage: Ceph, GlusterFS 2. Networking: NFV 3. OS

    (with Virt): Red Hat Enterprise Linux & Red Hat Virtualization 4. OS (for containers): Red Hat Atomic (with cdk) 5. Data Centre OS: Red Hat Open Stack Platform 6. Orchestration & Management: Red Hat CloudForms, Ansible and Kubernetes 7. PaaS: Red Hat OpenShift v3 8. Mobile: Red Hat Mobile Application Platform 9. Devs: Red Hat Developer Suite Red Hat's Full Stack Portfolio
  31. 31 How Does That Help In App-ifying The Data Centre?

  32. • Deploy a secure, enterprise-grade container-based application platform • Enable

    application developers while improving operational efficiency & infrastructure utilization • Utilize advanced scheduling and automated placement with regions and zones for HA • Leverage powerful declarative management for application services • Manage user & team access and integrate with enterprise authentication systems Benefits for DC/IT Operations
  33. Open Container Initiative • Announced on June 22, 2015 •

    Industry leaders unite to create open standards and governance for container format and runtime • Red Hat is a founding member of the Open Container Initiative and a leader in Linux and multiple container related open source projects • Standardization is critical to foster innovation and will help drive adoption with customers and facilitate a rich container ecosystem
  34. OpenShift is Red Hat’s Container Application Platform • Built for

    both traditional and cloud-native applications. • An integrated hybrid cloud application platform for application development and deployment • Develop, build, and manage container based applications • Easily turn source code into running applications with source-to-image capabilities
  35. Critical features for both Dev and Ops

  36. A True Open Hybrid Cloud •Deploy OpenShift on OpenStack via

    Heat •Integrate Apps with OpenStack services •Manage it all with CloudForms •Get it all at once with Red Hat Cloud Suite OpenShift On OpenStack
  37. Value of OpenShift

  38. Community Powered Innovation

  39. 39 And that’s how you App-ify the data centre

  40. 40 Thank you!

  41. 41 Harish Pillay, @harishpillay