Spores: Distributable Functions in Scala

49a4815846825cd1334fa080c6e71c5d?s=47 Heather Miller
September 19, 2013

Spores: Distributable Functions in Scala

Pickles & Spores: Improving Support for Distributed Programming in Scala

Spores are "small units of possibly mobile functional behavior". They're a closure-like abstraction meant for use in distributed or concurrent environments.

Spores provide a guarantee that the environment is effectively immutable, and safe to ship over the wire. Spores aim to give library authors some confidence in exposing functions (or, rather, spores) in public APIs for safe consumption in a distributed or concurrent environment.

The first part of the talk covers a simpler variant of spores as they are proposed for inclusion in Scala 2.11. The second part of the talk briefly introduces a current research project ongoing at EPFL which leverages Scala's type system to provide type constraints that give authors finer-grained control over spore capturing semantics. What's more, these type constraints can be composed during spore composition, so library authors are effectively able to propagate expert knowledge via these composable constraints.

The last part of the talk briefly covers Scala/Pickling, a fast new, open serialization framework.

Part of a series of talks on Improving Support for Distributed Programming in Scala.

Presented at Strange Loop 2013


Heather Miller

September 19, 2013