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Delivering More With Less: An Introduction to Value Streams

Helen Beal
April 15, 2024

Delivering More With Less: An Introduction to Value Streams

Helen Beal

April 15, 2024

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  1. www.vsmconsortium.org The Challenge 2 Improvement initiatives Huge backlog of changes

    Need do more with less Need to deliver more value Need to keep talent happy Need to improve quality Need to go faster How?
  2. www.vsmconsortium.org A value stream is an END-TO-END set of activities

    which collectively creates VALUE for a CUSTOMER. The value stream team is concerned with all the activities, from start to delivery of results, and confirmation of satisfaction. The value-stream designers search for ways of achieving “outrageous” improvements in critical measures such as speed, cost, quality, and service. The value stream team is intensely focused on the customer (an external customer or an internal user) and is concerned with how to delight the customer. Your Business is Made of Value Streams 3 © Value Stream Management Consortium James Martin, The Great Transition
  3. www.vsmconsortium.org Delighted customers mean higher organizational performance Optimizing value flow

    and realization results in sublime customer experience “Value Stream Management is a combination of people, process and technology that maps, optimizes, visualizes, measures, and governs business value flow through heterogeneous software delivery pipelines from idea through development and into production.” Forrester 4 Value stream management optimizes value flow and realization © Value Stream Management Consortium Managing Value Streams Makes Business Better
  4. www.vsmconsortium.org Before After Total waste time => 50% Time for

    innovation, improvement, learning Faster delivery, feedback, pivots Less friction, toil, waiting, context switching Waste Removal = Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness
  5. www.vsmconsortium.org The Improvement Outcomes Cost: Reduction in how much it

    costs to deliver value Value: Higher % of your time spent creating value Quality: Better consistency in your results Velocity: Accelerated speed at which you deliver work Capacity: Increased amount of work you can handle Complexity: Reduced cognitive load, dependency & risk