Cloud Solutions - Reshaping IT, Reshaping Business

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June 24, 2018

Cloud Solutions - Reshaping IT, Reshaping Business

Kaum ein Thema bewegt in letzter Zeit die IT-Welt so stark wie Cloud Computing. Immer mehr Unternehmen halten inzwischen auch die Implementierung von
Cloud-Strategien für notwendig und wichtig. Thomas Jürgens zieht Ihnen in diesem Vortrag zunächst die Begrifflichkeiten (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS,...) klar, stellt die aktuelle Marktentwicklung vor und gibt Ihnen einen Überblick, welche Herausforderungen mit Cloud Lösungen gemeistert werden können und wo die Vorteile für mittelständische Unternehmen liegen.
Standen bisher hauptsächlich reine Infrastruktur-Anwendungen im Vordergrund der Cloud-Strategien, so gewinnt inzwischen auch die Implementierung von
komplexen Anwendungen in der Cloud zunehmend an Bedeutung. Gerade in diesem Segment besteht aber noch ein erhebliches Defizit an konkreten Information für interessierte Anwender. Lösungen im Bereich Enterprise Content Management (ECM) weisen im Hinblick auf Anforderungen an Sicherheit, Compliance oder Performance eine besonders hohe Komplexität auf.
Referent: Thomas Jürgens, VP Professional and Managed ServicesFujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH



June 24, 2018


  1. Cloud Solutions – Reshaping IT, Reshaping Business Thomas Jürgens VP

    Professional and Managed Services Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH
  2. • General Information • Market Overview • Business Solutions Store

    Overview Agenda Cloud Computing IT as a utility
  3. Cloud Computing Pay per use Elastically Scalable Lots of confusing

    messages but simply put.... The means of consuming technology as a utility Self Service Private just for you Community (Trusted) selectively shared Public shared with anyone Hybrid a mix
  4. Cloud Computing in the Enterprise Software as a Service Legacy

    Business & Enterprise Applications Public Cloud Community (Trusted) Cloud Private Cloud Traditional Platform as a Service Infrastructure as a Service Hybrid Cloud Networks Business Processes Business Process as a Service
  5.  Competitive advantage through increased reputation of being innovative and

    future-proof  Elimination of daily-routine tasks that are outside of the core- competencies (maintenance, upgrades...)  Reduced risks, e.g. by backup of data to a potential disaster recovery site  Economies of scale, similar to large enterprises  Perception of being green and environmentally friendly Stay ahead of Competition! What´s in it for the Mid-market Customer?
  6. Enter new Markets! What´s in it for the ISV? 

    Easy and fast, and thereby most efficient way to make traditional software business cloud-ready  One-stop-shopping and end-to-end support by Fujitsu  Revenue-share-model that implies no pre-investment  A global marketplace that ensures access to new revenue streams and markets, including an enlarged customer base  No vendor-lock-in with our Business Enablement SW  Our global IaaS platform as a solid foundation
  7. • General information • Market Overview • Business Solutions Store

    Overview Agenda Cloud Computing IT as a utility
  8.  Purchase software  Purchase hardware  Find space in

    data center  Setup development & test  Configure systems  Configure databases  Configure networks  Pay IT Specialist  More … A Paradigm Shift Changes User Behavior Today and in the past Get a Login Tomorrow and ready today Traditional SW Projects Cloud Business Solutions ROI Time ROI Time 27 Month ROI 10 Month ROI Value to ISV & Customer < 50% Success Risk > 90% Success Risk Go Live ~12 Months Go Live ~7 Weeks
  9. Cloud Services Will Grow Strongly Cloud Computing Adoption Rates And

    Future Plans 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 2009 (actual) 2010 (actual) 2011 (planned) 2012 (planned) SaaS adoption IaaS adoption PaaS adoption BPaaS adoption More than 50% will use some form of Software as a Service in 2012 on. Base 531 North American & European software decision makers Source: Enterprise Software Survey, North America & Europe, Q4 2009, Forrsights Software Survey, Q4 2010
  10. Why do our Partners go SaaS and Cloud? Reasons for

    Software as a Service: – With SaaS we fulfill our customer needs – Five days to go SaaS just 2 days for the first end-customer – SaaS provides flexibility, location neutral without installation – First time of ready to use social learning solution for education communities Easy & Flexible More efficient address new markets Fast & Innovative
  11. • General information • Market Overview • Business Solutions Store

    Overview Agenda Cloud Computing IT as a utility
  12. Our Solution & Offering at a Glance  Fujitsu has

    the full service technology to turn existing license based Software into a real Software as a Service product!  Fujitsu launched a full Business Solutions Store eco-system! at CeBIT 2012!
  13. Overview of Fulfilled Business Needs Included  Zero Touch IT

    Integration and Flexibility  Flexible Sales Pricing  Comprehensive Billing, Reporting & Controlling  Integrated Payment Service Provider  Powerful User Management  Integrated Marketing Communication & Branding Benefits of our Business Solutions Store Easy IT Integration SaaS Enablement Tenant Provisioning Transaction Based Pricing Subscription Management Marketplace Brand Management Portal Account Management Bill Presentment Reporting Payment Collection Private Catalogue Billing 1 2 Business Solutions Store
  14. Leader: Cloud for SMBs

  15. Our Customers on the Business Solutions Store Is your Company

    / Product cloud ready? Contact : Internet:
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  19. Evolution of Information Technology Transformation Time Industry Standards Consolidation &

    Standardization Virtualization Hypervisor Automation Tools & Process Orchestration Industrialization Managed Infrastructures Cloud Computing IT as a utility