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EShip Digital WM Shared

EShip Digital WM Shared

Presentation for Entrepreneurship on Digital Era



May 28, 2022

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  1. Entrepreneurship on Digital Age

  2. Outline 3rd Mindset Reset Let me reset your mindset. 1st

    Entrepreneurships Discuss the theories. 2nd Digital Era Innovations Discuss the Future Innovations. Careers. 2
  3. 1st Entrepreneurship https://speakerdeck.com/hepidad/eship

  4. BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS 4 Key Activities Insert your content Key

    Resources Insert your content Value Propositions Insert your content Customer Relationships Insert your content Channels Insert your content Customer Segments Insert your content Key Partners Insert your content Cost Structure Insert your content Revenue Streams Insert your content
  5. BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS - GO PONTEN 5 Key Activities Build

    MVP , Research Rapid Decompose Formulae Key Resources Specialist Medical Doctor Supervisor, Expert Opinion, Full Stack Developer, Biologist/Chemist Value Propositions Go Ponten: You can get sh*t done anytime-anywhere Customer Relationships Community, Daily Reminder, History pesanan dan log lamanya BAK dan BAB. Channels Location Based Service Mobile Apps yang dapat merespon secara cepat order BAK dan BAB on the spot. Customer Segments 1. Millennial Mager 2. User yang jauh dari toilet. 3. User yang sedang berada pada kantor/gedung/tem pat publik yang tidak memiliki layanan toilet yang proper (layak pakai). Key Partners Medical Doctor, Medical Lab Affiliation, Driver, Closet Boy, Dump Site Management, Organic Compound Supplier, Methane Gas Producers Cost Structure Portable Closet. Dumper Sites. Rapid Decompose Formula Revenue Streams Pay per-services. US$ 1. Methane and Compound Harvest.
  6. 2nd Digital Era Innovations https://speakerdeck.com/hepidad/inovasi-tekn ologi-informasi-pada-mbkm?slide=13

  7. 3rd Mindset Reset Use “Dirty Mindset”

  8. Reset Indonesia (reset.or.id) Research in Education economics and Social Enhanced

    by Technology. Mission Encourage Research Cultures As Young As Possible 8
  9. Pilih mana? Lulus mencari pekerjaan atau Lulus mencari pekerjaan? 9

  10. DIRTY MINDSET Documenting your Idea, Research and Travel as Young

    as possible. 10 Source: http://hepidad.github.io/blog/dirty-mindset.html
  11. Should Have Intelligent Thought/Thinking Mantra #1 Used When … There

    is something was not right. 11
  12. Focus Upgrade Capabilities and Knowledge Mantra #2 Used When …

    You starting to “Gabut”*. *) https://kbbi.kemdikbud.go.id/entri/gabut 12
  13. Decrease Anger More Negotiation Decrease Anxiety More Nourish Mantra #3

    Used When … Here’s come the conflict. And felt hopeless. 13
  14. Just get a picnic #theworldisnotonlyphpmysql

  15. 15 DB playground

  16. 16 Client-Side playground

  17. 17 Server-side playground A B C F E D

  18. Research Area 18 Software Engineering Decentralized Web Distributed Learning Content

    Blockchain/SC Fintech ECommerce IoT
  19. Are You Next? Semester 2 are welcome …

  20. ROADMAP 20 1 3 5 4 2 Knowing Skripsi, Basic

    Algorithm, Programing Language Have Topics, Start Write and Dev Seminar Proposal, Get Data, Draft Artikel CRUD Database Read Paper, Kontak DOSEN Magang, Riset MBKM Final Dev, Submit Artikel 7 6 8 Final Presentation Final Presentation (Back-Up)
  21. Let’s Recap Today I Learn ..

  22. Entrepreneurship Growth Mindset Dirty Mindset Document, Research, Management(Learn, Group), Travel

    for Enrich Experiences or seek opportunities Digital Era Intelligence, Natural Interface, Ubiquity 22 🔑📖🏃
  23. THANKS! Any questions? Say hi to: @hepidad 23