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Word of Mouth

78b475797a14c84799063c7cd073962f?s=47 Zach Holman
February 25, 2012

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is not adding a Facebook "Like" button to your site. How people talk about your product is entirely defined by how you build that product.


Zach Holman

February 25, 2012

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  1. Mouth Word of


  3. is not WORD OF MOUTH this crap:

  4. adding buttons and junk won’t suddenly make you buzzworthy

  5. Word of Mouth is content thoughtfulness solved problems ease of

    use your entire app
  6. Word of Mouth means people genuinely excited to share your

    product with their friends
  7. Word of Mouth means less work for you, with more

  8. This kind of buzz is contagious. It’ll take off without

    much intervention.
  9. “Word of Mouth” kind of a silly phrase

  10. Word of Finger internets for (since we type)

  11. Word of Mouf Ludacris by

  12. Let’s just stick with WORD OF MOUTH

  13. @holman

  14. None
  15. Marketing IS NOT A DIRTY WORD

  16. Fine, I’ll say it... It’s good to promote your stuff.

  17. There’s some modest people in our industry.

  18. Don’t be nervous about sharing something you’re excited about


  20. Be genuine


  22. You may catch flak, but most people will still respect

    genuine excitement
  23. Be genuine

  24. Genuine marketing is the foundation of good marketing

  25. Humans don’t hate ads ...they hate most ads

  26. Everyone loves to discover things that make their lives easier

    cheaper lazier
  27. I see projects and products every day that I’ll never

    use, but I still love hearing about them. We love fresh creativity. We’ll love hearing about yours. Our industry loves a good story.
  28. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there

  29. Surprise! AND DELIGHT

  30. SURPRISE AND DELIGHT is the best way to get people

  31. This is one of the most fundamental things in all

    theatrical movie composition yet magicians know nothing of it. Ready? “ - Teller of Penn & Teller Surprise me. That's it.
  32. This works in technology, too.

  33. the extra mile go

  34. The Extra Mile is the entire reason why these guys

    are so good. You
  35. Get them talking by going way, way beyond on customer

    service putting something novel in your app sweating the details
  36. Identify the mundane, then un-mundane-ify it

  37. Speak softly AND CARRY A BIG SHIP

  38. SPEAK SOFTLY don’t pre-announce features CARRY A BIG SHIP ship

    it. launch some great features.
  39. Surprise is almost always the safest bet.

  40. Shut up, and then ship something great.

  41. surprise & delight keep expectations in check

  42. Surprise! It’s just a regular Tuesday morning. Oh, and here’s

    something new that fixes and improves your life. nothing better than saying:
  43. This is mostly how GitHub works.

  44. It’s a safe, easy way of generating a lot of

  45. Speak loudly AND CARRY A BIG SHIP

  46. SPEAK LOUDLY pre-announce features CARRY A BIG SHIP ship it.

    launch some great features.
  47. 37signals & Basecamp Next

  48. B

  49. B

  50. Anticipation is a powerful thing.

  51. Consider 2007. Teaser launches let you build irrational, fervent anticipation

    (this is a good thing)
  52. KEYNOTE Jan 9, 2007 LAUNCH June 29 June 26 Reviews

    AT&T Plans June 22 Guided Tour June 21 TV Ad June 20 YouTube June 18 Better Battery Announced Glass Screen Announced June 6 TV Ad June 3 TV Ads Feb 26 First Ad June 11 WWDC: iPhone SDK
  53. If you’re going to do this, knock it out of

    the park (otherwise you’re fucked)
  54. ARE REAL NICE Superfans

  55. Okay, some people like your product. Now focus on turning

    your fans into Superfans.
  56. are your most vocal supporters Superfans are your most vocal

    detractors help you out publicly and privately
  57. B

  58. Superfans They’ve bought in to your vision. listen to your

    If they’re confused or frustrated about something, that’s a big, big problem.
  59. Conferences & Drinkups & Hackfests MEATSPACE

  60. Everyone kfree stuff

  61. If you screw up, fix it. x You might lose

    the initial customer, but others may notice. Remember Airbnb?
  62. Superfans aren’t just for companies. You are your own brand.

  63. be novel be surprising delightful be word of mouth

  64. Thanks.

  65. Zach Holman zachholman.com/talks @holman