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Firing People

Firing People

People don’t talk about getting fired. We come up with euphemisms: “I’m funemployed!”, or “I’m looking for my next journey!” That’s strange, when you think about it, given that it’s a fairly normal event that happens from time to time. But mostly it’s tragic, because unless we start talking about firing and getting fired, we can’t begin to start improving this very real — and often very painful — process.

Zach Holman

March 16, 2016

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  1. F I R I N G P E O P

    L E
  2. None
  3. None
  4. dammit that said nothing, holman

  5. None
  6. fire fast! “ ”

  7. everybody has stories

  8. ?

  9. None
  10. !

  11. parallels with quitting

  12. None
  13. Y O U

  14. E M P L O Y E R

  15. C O W O R K E R


  17. @holman

  18. GitHub 2010-2015

  19. this talk’s about my story

  20. None
  21. LEAD-UP

  22. burnout

  23. sabbatical DEC 2014 — FEB 2015 Ɍ

  24. sabbatical My preference would be for you to stay at

    GitHub “ DEC 2014
  25. sabbatical When you came back would be totally up to

    you “ DEC 2014
  26. sabbatical Before agreeing to your return […] we need to

    chat through some things “ FEB 2015
  27. Y O U

  28. Y O U read the clues

  29. Y O U ha, yeah that’s when they started to

    fire you “
  30. conversation with my manager

  31. conversation with my manager uh, plus someone in hr

  32. conversation immediately became confrontational

  33. hr complaint filed formal

  34. Y O U

  35. Y O U avoid hr

  36. Y O U hr exists to protect the company, not

  37. E M P L O Y E R avoid surprises

  38. E M P L O Y E R

  39. E M P L O Y E R pip performance

    improvement plan
  40. flew to sf to meet that friday

  41. FIRED

  42. you’re not going to be happy here “

  43. Y O U

  44. Y O U chill.

  45. tall poppy syndrome

  46. E M P L O Y E R lockdown

  47. E M P L O Y E R roll creds

    and automate it
  48. E M P L O Y E R understand implications

  49. E M P L O Y E R understand implications

  50. E M P L O Y E R refine workflow

  51. None
  52. C O W O R K E R determine the

  53. C O W O R K E R gossip

  54. E M P L O Y E R truthful be

  55. E M P L O Y E R mutually agreed

    “ ”
  56. E M P L O Y E R lying poisons

    the well
  57. E M P L O Y E R group firing

  58. AFTER

  59. None
  60. None
  61. None
  62. None
  63. None
  64. None
  65. None
  66. The weird part is how much this is about me.

    This is happening to me right now. I didn't really expect it to feel so intimate, a kind of whoa, this is my experience right now and nobody else's. “
  67. down

  68. None
  69. None

  71. it takes an awful amount of work to stop work

  72. immediate logistics

  73. healthcare (for loser americans)

  74. severance

  75. 90 day window

  76. 28 hours

  77. Y O U writing get things in

  78. Y O U stay on-the-record

  79. Y O U know a good: lawyer · accountant ·

    financial advisor

  81. friends

  82. friends don’t last

  83. C O W O R K E R stay in

    touch it’s cool to
  84. C O W O R K E R on you

    it’s also kinda
  85. C O W O R K E R gossipis tedious

  86. alumni

  87. alumni continue the culture

  88. alumni continue the culture

  89. alumni continue the culture

  90. alumni continue the culture

  91. E M P L O Y E R alumni cultivate

  92. E M P L O Y E R communication have

    a direct point of
  93. E M P L O Y E R recruiters former

    employees as
  94. None
  95. @HOLMAN