Migrate WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS

Migrate WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS

Slides from presentation at WordPress Orlando Meetup on how to migrate WordPress site from HTTP to HTTPS.

As more sites transition to HTTPS and Google giving preferred ranking to secure sites, it became important to properly install a TLS/SSL Certificate.
The process of moving to HTTPS can be intimidating starting from obtaining certificate to migrating all content to HTTPS.
Recently, Let’s Encrypt started offering Free TSL/SSL Certificates. CloudFlare offers Free TLS/SSL with HTTP/2 protocol support.

We discussed how you can obtain a Free TLS/SSL Certificate, make your content HTTPS friendly, and how to migrate existing content to HTTPS.
We also went over the benefits of serving your pages over secure connection, common problems with transition, and how you can test your certificate configuration.


Irina Blumenfeld

April 19, 2016