Clojure - A Sweetspot for Analytics

Clojure - A Sweetspot for Analytics

EuroClojure 2015 Talk Slides:

Clojure is getting more and more traction, and more people use it for all kinds of backend processing. During last 3 years us in ClojureWerkz concentrated on making lives of backend developers simple. Today, Clojure is one of the best choices for Analytics and Data-Driven Backends.

I'll tell you about our motivation, experiences and our success story, how we made a data processing backend, currently pushing millions of messages per second, how Clojure made our development cycles and time-to-production shorter, lives of our devs better, and made our customers happier.

About the speaker: Alex is working on making backends for analytics and data processing. He's been involved with Clojure since 2011, and co-created ClojureWerkz, is actively involved in development and maintenance of many Clojure libraries. Spends most of free time reading Math and Probability Theory textbooks, figuring out how things work.


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June 25, 2015