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Rethinking Druid's User Experience

September 19, 2019

Rethinking Druid's User Experience

Apache Druid has always been a fast, powerful, and scalable, but it has never been "user-friendly" from a UX perspective. This talk will examine how the Druid UX is being redesigned from the ground up. This will make Druid straightforward to get started with, load data into, and manage at scale.


September 19, 2019

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  1. 3

  2. Usability timeline (past) 25 DruidSQL introduced Druid < 0.13.0 Druid

    0.13.0 Druid 0.14.0 Druid 0.15.0 Data sketches via SQL Batch data loader SQL systems tables New console Auto complete in query view Lookups editing UI Explain SQL query UI SQL no longer experimental Auto compaction Retention UI Auto compaction UI Easy data drop/reload
  3. Usability timeline (present + future) 26 Future Druid 0.16.0 Streaming

    data loader Ingest data from clipboard Native ingestion of binary files Doc revamp Screenshots taken here HDFS data loader Interactive SQL view Interactive SQL view Auto-suggest improvements