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ADN Columbus 2013 - Visualizing Agility - Metrics That Matter

August 19, 2013

ADN Columbus 2013 - Visualizing Agility - Metrics That Matter


August 19, 2013

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  1. Why  do  we  need  metrics?   How  do  we  decide

     which  metrics  to  use?   Which  metrics  should  we  avoid?   What  are  some  common  pitfalls?   What  are  some  powerful  but  seldom   used  Metrics?       Some  Questions  For  Today  
  2. “Tell  me  how  you  will  measure  me  and  I  will

     tell   you  how  I  will  behave”  –  Eli  Goldratt   So…Be Careful What You Ask For
  3. Potential  for  Evil   Potential  Value     Features Accepted

    Lines of Code Average Velocity How  Well  Are  We  Performing?  
  4. What  are  some  Agile  metrics?   Potential  for  Evil  

      Potential  Value     Customer  Satisfaction   Value  Delivered   Work  Flow   Planning  Effectiveness   Code  Quality   Team  Collaboration  /  Interaction   Team  Empowerment  /  Accountability   Respect  /  Trust   ?
  5. Page    27   Project Goals Cost  to  respond  

    $   Cost  to  respond   $$$$$   “…We  have  come  to  value…   Responding  to  Change”  
  6. Metrics:  Make  Em  Visible!     29   0%  

    20%   40%   60%   80%   100%   120%   140%   160%   180%   200%   1   2   3   4   5   6   Iteration  Productivity   Points  Accepted  vs  Points  Planned   The  Buffet  Rule:    “Take  all  you   want,  but  eat  all  you  take”  
  7. Lead  Time   Cycle  Time   WIP   Remaining  to

     be  done   Scope  Increase   How  is  our  throughput?  
  8. How  much  time  do  we   spend  waiting?   “Agile

     is  the  art  of  eliminating  delay”     –  Alan  Shalloway  
  9.     Process  Cycle  Efficiency  (PCE)   Page    36

      %  Time   Effort   Delay   =    100%  PCE  (  zero  delay  )     6  days  effort   6  days  duration   Effort  =     Duration  
  10. Process  Cycle  Efficiency  (PCE)   Page    37   %

     Time   Effort   Delay   Duration  =  14  days     =  43%  PCE   6  days  effort   14  days  duration   Effort  =  6   days  
  11. What  question  are  we  trying  to  answer?   What’s  the

     goal  (target  condition)?   Who  is  the  target  audience?   What’s  the  relative  value  of  the  metric?   What  undesirable  behavior  might  this  drive?   How  will  people  try  to  game  it?     In  deciding  which  metric  to  use   Ask…  
  12. 1.  Make  them  transparent   2.  Make  them  visible  

    3.  Show  a  trend   4.  Make  them  relevant  &  timely   5.  Have  a  purpose   http://blogs.versionone.com/agile_management/2013/06/21/five-­‐simple-­‐guidelines-­‐to-­‐agile-­‐metric-­‐bliss /       Agile  Metric  Suggestions