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A new mission for UTIAC

A new mission for UTIAC

Paolo Gurisatti
INSITE Final Meeting
Venice, May 10th 2014


Insite Project

May 09, 2014


  1. MDA A new mission for UTIAC Paolo Gurisatti INSITE Final

    Meeting Venice, May 10th 2014
  2. MDA Valle del Chiampo: from a “dump” to a “mine”

    • Bio-chemical technology for beam-house • Technology for sludge inert-isation (and energy production) • Technology for “separation” and “valorisation” of waste materials (Zero Waste)
  3. MDA Mining? Technical and entrepreneurial challenge Radical change in perspective

  4. MDA Aero - Boat

  5. MDA How to meet the challenge? • Boat – New

    Materials / Speed / Aerodynamic Components • Leather – Tracing Materials / Selective Recycling / Smart Reagents
  6. MDA First Picture of the Mine

  7. MDA The The solution solution is is “ “extracted extracted”

    ” by by organic organic solvents solvents (first (first of of all all CH CH2 2 Cl Cl2 2 ) ). . After After the the addition addition of of organic organic solvent solvent and and after after extraction extraction four four phase phase emerge emerge. . These These phases phases are are probably probably composed composed by by: : a) a) fat/collagen fat/collagen b) b) aqueous aqueous phase phase c) c) emulsion emulsion d) d) organic organic phase phase (CH (CH2 2 Cl Cl2 2 ) ) R&D
  8. MDA Smart Reagents? • Chemicals – Rigid / Stupid •

    Enzymes – Traditionally Rigid / Stupid What else? What kind of living technology?
  9. MDA Is it the right way?

  10. MDA No risk at all?

  11. MDA New Competences (Research team) Matteo Chiurato (Chemist, IENI CNR)

    Valentina Beghetto (Chemist, Università di Venezia) Davide De Lucrezia (Biologist, Explora Bio-Technology srl)
  12. MDA New Laboratory Tipo di Analisi Strumentazione Metodica Acque del

    Chiampo ILSA SICIT IENI - CNR Galilei Università Venezia COD (richiesta chimica di ossigeno) a) Ossidaz con UV b) Retrotitolaz. (addensato) a) ISO 15705:2002 b) APAT CNR IRSA 5130 Man 29 2003 x x X SST (solidi totali sospesi) Gravimetria a) APAT CNR IRSA 2090 B Man 29 2003 (soluzione) b) CNR IRSA 1 Q 64 Vol 2 1984 (addensato) x x X SSV (Vol. fanghi o sedimentabilità) Gravimetria CNR IRSA 2 Q 64 Vol 2 1984 (addensato) x X pH Potenziomentrica APAT CNR IRSA 2060 Man 29 2003 x x x x X Cloruri a) Cromatograf. Ionica a) APAT CNR IRSA 4020 Man 29 2003 x x x x X Zolfo Totale a) ICP Ottico a) APAT CNR IRSA 3020 Man 29 2003 x x x x Solfuri Ossidaz./Titolaz. APAT CNR IRSA 4160 Man 29 2003 x x X Solfati Cromatograf. Ionica APAT CNR IRSA 4020 Man 29 2003 x X Na ICP Ottico APAT CNR IRSA 3020 Man 29 2003 (addensato) x x x x Mg ICP Ottico APAT CNR IRSA 3020 Man 29 2003 (addensato) x x x Ca ICP Ottico APAT CNR IRSA 3020 Man 29 2003 (addensato) x x x Fosforo/ Fosfati UV-Vis ILSA S.p.A., x x(ICP) X Profilo amminoacidico (aminoacidi totali) a) HPLC-UV a) ILSA S.p.A., x TKN (Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen) = azoto totale o TN a) Ossidaz. Cat.+ rivel. a chemiluminescenza b) Titolaz a) UNI EN 12260:2004 TN (soluzione) b)APAT CNR IRSA5030Man29 2003TKN(addens) x x X X Azoto organico Analisi elementare ILSA S.p.A., x x= forse Ripartiz. delle forme azotate (nitrico, ammoniacale, ureico, nitrati) Apparecchiatura Kjeldhal b) Metodo Ureasi c) cromatografia cationica ILSA S.p.A.,., c) N ammoniacale: cromatografia cationica (SICIT) x X Metalli: particolarm. Cr, Pb, Cd, Mn, Ni, Fe, Zn, Cu, Al, Hg.. a) ICP Ottico b) Assorbim. Atomico a) ILSA S.p.A., b) SICIT x x x Carbonio (Tot ed Org) Analisi elementare ILSA S.p.A., x x x= forse x Grasso Estrazione Soxlet SICIT x x X Fenoli, cloro-fenoli, HPLC-UV APAT CNR IRSA 5070 Man 29 2003 x x x x Sali d’ammonio quaternario ??? ???? x
  13. MDA How is it working?

  14. MDA Research Team - Task Force • Laboratory results (“research

    team”) are discussed with the “task force” (technicians belonging to various links of the value chain) • The evaluation of the most promising extraction technologies leads to the development of prototypes and the simulation of an industrial scale process (costs/effects on the value chain)
  15. MDA Investment and Production • Results achieved by the “task

    force” and “research team” became business plan for UTIAC’s board of directors • Articles, publications and contacts with international circuits (www.iultcs.org) lead to wider consensus and possible financial / industrial partners
  16. MDA Timing and Costs • Reserve judgment on mine exploitation

    cannot be removed before one year • Extraction technologies will not be available before 3-5 years • Let’s check whether it’s possible to cover sunk costs with H 2020 (LIFE+ 2014 is a good starting point)
  17. MDA Fulfilled tasks and to do… • June 2013 /

    May 2014 – Research Team Building – Task Force Meetings – Samples design and analysis – Newsletter and participation to international events • June 2014 / September 2014 – Kick off meeting LIFE+ – Agreement among UTIAC and research partners
  18. MDA UTIAC 2015 • Industrial company specialised in the following

    businesses: – Tracing of components and processes – Slug inert-isation processes / energy production – Selective separation of organic materials
  19. MDA Experts / People • A complex social interaction: –

    Social Task-Force and Storytelling design – Generative relationships / and Dynamic Evaluation of the “happy project” narrative (an others) – Community involvement in monitoring innovation and technology design – Management of the “tension” between technical artefacts and social problems (emerging)