How to Deliver a High-Value Automated Lead Gen Campaign

How to Deliver a High-Value Automated Lead Gen Campaign

These slides are part of a 3-hour masterclass workshop delivered at iMEDIA 2019. The workshop was hands on, using a Google Doc workbook available here: As the workshop jumped back and forth between these slides, the Google Doc workbook, websites, and MailChimp, the deck is not comprehensive to the entire workshop. But, combined with the workbook, the content is still useful.


Jeff Archibald

March 08, 2019


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    How to Deliver a High-Value Automated Lead Gen Campaign Jeff

    Archibald • @jeff_archibald • IMEDIA 2019
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    Today: you’ll leave with a solid draft 1 of a

    high-value lead generation & nurturing campaign plan. We’ll go wide in knowledge, not deep, given the time. You’ll gain the knowledge required to be able to take what you have and complete it.
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    4 MONTH PERIOD RESULTS ◦ 381 leads ◦ $1.1M Campaign

    Value based on ADV and LV ◦ 3 referrals for ~$175k
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    1. Your name 2. Your role / what you do

    3. Where you work 4. Your clients (industry or role)
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    MailChimp Gonna talk for a bit, then we’ll whip through

    a quick Automation campaign together. First: 1. Automation Campaigns 2. Triggers & forms 3. Tags
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    Automation Campaigns • 1 campaign = a sequence of multiple

    emails, triggered by an action (e.g. sign-up to a list from a form on a certain page) • 1 email = 1 “post” or “chapter” or “article” in your content plan, plus occasional CTA emails and round-ups • You can (should?) have multiple automation campaigns under your larger marketing campaign, but maybe start with the one.
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    Recommendations 1. Use Signup location for your Trigger. a. Set

    up hidden field b. Edit embed code to reference specific page (e.g. [Campaign]LandingPage”) c. Embed form on proper page (/campaign-landing-page) 2. Set trigger in automation campaign to match edited field value of form (e.g. “[Campaign]LandingPage”) 3. Use Tags to mark captured emails as leads
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    Lead Gen MasterClass Next Steps 1. Complete workbook a. Content

    plan, Campaign Overview, Campaign Value 2. Confirm technical requirements w/developer a. E.g. multiple forms passing page location for trigger 3. Write, create, and edit assets (or find someone) 4. Put together test automation with form integration 5. Create automation campaign & emails 6. Publish & promote 7. Repurpose content into different formats 8. Publish & promote!