Purpose-Driven Websites: What On Earth Is Your Website Here For?

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September 10, 2015

Purpose-Driven Websites: What On Earth Is Your Website Here For?

Starting a website is easy with WordPress, but having a clear goal in mind is vital for determining design, structure and content. In this workshop we’ll first focus on setting clear goals, before we in the next step will translate that into a better website. We’ll look at different types of goals like personal blogging, sharing portfolio, revenue gain, community building, and so on. Together we’ll discuss what would be the best approach for each of those specific goals.

This workshop is ideal for WordPress beginners who’ve never built a website or those who want to take their website to the next level.



September 10, 2015


  1. P U R P O S E - D R

    I V E N W E B S I T E W H A T O N E A R T H I S Y O U R S I T E H E R E F O R ?
  2. I N T R O D U C T I

    O N @jobtex | @WooThemes | @automattic | #wcct Introduce yourself • Name • Why #WCCT?
  3. Reason Visitors Communicate Relate Shine

  4. P L A N N E D F O R

    A R E A S O N • Why do people have websites? - Table brainstorm - Group share • Why do you have/want a website? - Choose one - “On my website, I do/show/explain/…” - Share with your table
  5. F O R M E D F O R Y

    O U R “ FA M I LY ” • Know your visitor - Ask 3 people for feedback - Survey your visitors • Target your audience - Describe your ideal visitor/customer - Which content does s/he prefer? - What do you want her/him to see/do? - What Call-to-Action would be in place?
  6. Logo / Name Menu Content - blog - static Widgets

    / Sidebar
  7. Y O U R H O M E PA G

    E • Sketch Your Homepage • Share in group - 1 praise - 1 remark Consider: - Logo / Name - Menu - Sidebar / Widgets - Content - Slogan - Featured image - Call to action - …
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  15. C R E AT E D T O C O

    M M U N I C AT E • People don’t slide • People don’t scroll • People don’t study • People don’t see • People don’t select — delete sliders — focus on top — write simple — use pointers — choose purpose
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  18. S H A P E D I N R E

    L AT I O N S H I P • Your presence online - Be there - Share your content - Let others share • Your presence offline - Visit meetups - Attend WordCamps
  19. None
  20. Y O U R H O M E PA G

    E • Discuss each others’ sketches - Slide - Scroll - Study - See - Select • Improve your own sketch
  21. M A D E T O S H I N

    E • Spend time online and learn • Ask for feedback • Always be happy, never content • Go to next workshop and practice
  22. Reason Visitors Communicate Relate Shine

  23. T H E E N D B E G I

    N N I N G Job Thomas
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