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Ruby Rogues Live

Ruby Rogues Live

Ruby Rogues panel discussion at RailsConf 2012 (April 25)

Josh Susser

April 25, 2012

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  1. Ruby Rogues Live
    Josh Susser

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  2. Definition
    prudence: the quality of
    being prudent
    prudent: acting with or showing care
    and thought for the future

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  3. Fear of Progress?
    DHH: loss aversion is the pillar of
    tenderlove: experienced
    developers have a lower
    tolerance for technical debt

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  4. I have a limited budget
    for risk in my projects.
    So do you.
    (whether you know it or not)

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  5. I hate having other
    people spend my
    risk budget for me

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  6. Inspirational Quote
    Be regular and orderly in
    your life like a bourgeois, so
    that you may be violently
    original in your work.
    – Gustave Flaubert

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