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Lecture Slides: Intro to Remote Sensing and Electromagnetic Energy

Joshua Stevens
December 03, 2014

Lecture Slides: Intro to Remote Sensing and Electromagnetic Energy

These slides are provided as an example of my lecture material for GEOG 160 (Fall 2014) at The Pennsylvania State University.

The topics covered include remote sensing, an introduction to the electromagnetic spectrum, and properties of image interpretation.

Joshua Stevens

December 03, 2014

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  1. GEOG 160 November 10, 2014 Mapping Our Changing World Joshua

    Stevens [email protected] Office: 210 Walker Hours: Tues 11-12 Fri 10-11
  2. This Week • Update: Quiz 6 (Ch 6 & 7)

    will open today! • You will have until Sunday @ 11:59pm to complete it. • Begin Chapter 7: Remote Sensing
  3. Two General Types of Remote Sensing • Space Borne: Satellites

    acquire the images; often under continuous use • Aerial imaging systems: Uses aircraft to collect images; usually flown on-demand
  4. Electromagnetic (EM) Spectrum Our eyes can only see a small

    portion of this energy Visible wavelengths: around 390 nm - 700 nm 700 nm 390 nm
  5. Just as the sun emits energy unevenly across the spectrum,

    our eyes are not equally sensitive to every color. We are much more sensitive to greens and reds. Side note:
  6. Interpreting Remote Sensing Imagery Requires Skill • Elements of Image

    Interpretation • Size • Shape • Tone/Color • Pattern • Shadow • Texture • Association • Site
  7. Next Class • We’ll talk about different types of satellites

    and their missions • Image correction and classification • Computed derivatives of sat. data • Why ‘Doomsday Preppers’ wouldn’t exist if they knew about remote sensing