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Deliver More, Stress Less with Kanban

1100c19690e8eb006da7a35a6b17be97?s=47 Julia Wester
February 26, 2016

Deliver More, Stress Less with Kanban

Too many teams are working themselves to the bone day after day with no relief in sight. Too often, this unsustainable pace becomes permanent and work continues to pile on top of everything that's already in progress. Julia will share how Kanban helped teams at TBS and F5 Networks deliver more, reduce stress and tame the craziness of the new normal. Learn concepts you can adapt and apply to your context to make the everyday better!


Julia Wester

February 26, 2016


  1. Deliver More, Stress Less with Kanban Julia Wester Improvement Coach,

    LeanKit www.leankit.com @everydaykanban everydaykanban.com
  2. @everydaykanban

  3. @everydaykanban

  4. Discovery was the first step @everydaykanban

  5. Over time, we learn to value starting more than finishing

    and we get in our own way. The Kanban Method taught me to stop starting, start finishing. @everydaykanban
  6. @everydaykanban Four Core Principles 1. Start with what you do

    now 2. Agree to pursue incremental, evolutionary change 3. Respect the current condition 4. Encourage acts of leadership… at all levels
  7. @everydaykanban Five Habits For Success 1. Visualize the workflow 2.

    Limit work in progress 3. Manage flow 4. Make process policies explicit 5. Improve collaboratively (using models & the scientific method)
  8. @everydaykanban Our journey contained five key steps

  9. @everydaykanban 1 Visualize the work – it helps everyone

  10. @everydaykanban 2 Expedite Intangible Fixed Date Standard Classify work by

    Cost of Delay
  11. @everydaykanban How long will it take? Joe has a task

    that takes one day to complete. Assume he spends all of his time on his tasks, no interruptions. • If he focuses only on that task today when is the earliest he will deliver value? • If he divides his focus between two tasks equally, when is the earliest he would complete one task? • If he divides his focus between five tasks equally, when is the earliest he would complete one task?
  12. @everydaykanban 3 Constrain work to permit focus AK JW start

    Focus / commitment end Whether it is a standalone piece of work… or an entire project.
  13. @everydaykanban 4 Set explicit policies about starting work On Deck

    Doing Review Done 5 3 3 A A A A A A A A A A A A
  14. @everydaykanban Commit to Cross-Training 5

  15. @everydaykanban Specialization and small team size led to a focus

    on cross- training to remove bottlenecks. Jono Hey - sketchplanations.com Commit to Cross-Training 5
  16. @everydaykanban Things we agreed NOT to do

  17. @everydaykanban Estimate everything

  18. @everydaykanban Make all work the same size

  19. @everydaykanban Make assignments

  20. @everydaykanban Have time-consuming planning meetings

  21. At first I was skeptical, but over time I realized

    that this was the only way to go. I felt like I had a much higher confidence level in what would be delivered, when. And that helped me better set expectations. @everydaykanban Stacie Buckley, Director of Business Operations, NBA.com, Turner Sports (2012)
  22. @everydaykanban Our team’s journey was incremental, but transformative. The team

    began to be viewed as a good example for others to model.
  23. • Start with a problem • Respect the past •

    Experiment using the scientific method • Learn from any outcome • Start the cycle all over again @everydaykanban
  24. @everydaykanban

  25. www.leankit.com Julia Wester | @everydaykanban | everydaykanban.com