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Metric-Driven Coaching

Metric-Driven Coaching

W. Edwards Deming said, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” But how do you know if you’re measuring the right things? All too often teams fall prey to misleading metrics, missing invaluable opportunities to grow and improve.

In this webinar, I’ll show you how to choose the right metrics to measure your team’s effectiveness and encourage the right behaviors. Then, I’ll explain how metric-driven coaching can help teams understand their process and highlight areas for improvement.


Julia Wester

March 23, 2016


  1. Metric-Driven Coaching

  2. Julia Wester Improvement Coach LeanKit @everydaykanban

  3. @everydaykanban A bit about me…

  4. @everydaykanban Why Metric-Driven

  5. Learn to choose metrics that further organizational goals and how

    to use them to coach teams @everydaykanban The Goal
  6. @everydaykanban Anyone who… § Gathers metrics § Does things that

    are measured § Just wants to learn more about metrics Who should care about this topic?
  7. The Basics of Metrics @everydaykanban

  8. @everydaykanban Source: http://zeshanjaffari.com

  9. Analytics are expensive, invest wisely @everydaykanban

  10. @everydaykanban Measuring everything obscures what is truly important

  11. Start with a clear goal and make a metrics diagnosis

  12. @everydaykanban

  13. @everydaykanban KNOW YOUR

  14. GQM Technique @everydaykanban Goal Questions Metrics

  15. @everydaykanban Symptoms of dangerously wielding metrics

  16. Symptom: We think it shows something it doesn’t @everydaykanban I

    sure do get a lot done! I add so much value!
  17. @everydaykanban

  18. @everydaykanban Symptom: We think that a metric never expires

  19. @everydaykanban Symptom: We think shame corrects behavior

  20. Symptom: We think focusing on individuals makes great team members

  21. What you measure shows what you value @everydaykanban

  22. Avoiding metrics minefields @everydaykanban

  23. Does it: • matter to my customer? • help me

    make a decision or take action? Make sure it passes the “So What?” test @everydaykanban
  24. @everydaykanban Measure team performance over individuals

  25. Understand the danger-to-value ratio @everydaykanban

  26. @everydaykanban Keep a balanced set of metrics Source: Larry Maccherone

  27. @everydaykanban My F5 QBR metrics mapped to quadrants DO  IT

     FAST DO  IT  RIGHT DO  IT  ON  TIME KEEP  DOING  IT - Open vs Closed Trends - Cycle Time Trends - Incidents by application Trends - Customer Satisfaction - % of SLA Breaches for the QTR + Trend - Ongoing project progress - Team happiness (subjective wellbeing) - QoQ trends used for all metrics (in all quads)
  28. Visualization matters • Show metrics together on a dashboard •

    Use soft colors, avoid red & green • Visually focus on trends, not data points • Compare using trends, not numbers • Tailor the visualization for different audiences @everydaykanban
  29. @everydaykanban Invite exploration using visual appeal

  30. Your set of metrics should fit your unique context and

    problems. No one has the perfect set of metrics that blindly apply to all teams. @everydaykanban
  31. What about LeanKit’s metrics? @everydaykanban

  32. @everydaykanban LeanKit Metrics

  33. @everydaykanban

  34. @everydaykanban

  35. @everydaykanban

  36. Take your LeanKit data and create reports in Tableau that

    give insight into your specific context and help solve your specific problems. Custom Reporting
  37. @everydaykanban Balanced dashboard with coaching advice… that changes as the

    data changes Source: Troy Magennis, Focused Objective
  38. Takeaways @everydaykanban § Know your problem & map the GQM

    (goals-questions-metrics) § Measure teams rather than individuals § Understand the risk/reward ratio of each metric § Choose & display a balanced set of metrics § Coach teams to make appropriate trade-offs § Regularly search for and replace expired metrics
  39. References @everydaykanban Troy Magennis @t_magennis FocusedObjective.com PuppetLabs & IT REVOLUTION

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  40. @everydaykanban

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