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DCI and the application builds our mental models

DCI and the application builds our mental models

Sapporo RubyKaigi 2012 #sprk2012

Shintaro Kakutani

September 16, 2012

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  1. W E A R E H I R I N

    G : R u b y i s t A N D Agile Designer https://github.com/esminc/jobs ( W A N N A B I E S ) ( W A N N A B I E S )
  2.  ೔࣌೥݄೔ ౔ ৔ॴਂ઒ߐށࢿྉؗখܶ৔  ౎Ӧେߐށઢਗ਼੅നՏӺెา෼ ࢀՃඅ༻༗ྉ ఆһd໊ جௐߨԋ!BNBUTVEB !@LP

  3. ✓ Data: AR ✓ Context: ৔(Ba) Playing field for “objects”

    ✓ Interaction: Role Object#extend / refinements?
  4. ✓ Data: AR ✓ Context: “Activities” ✓ Interaction: Modules Poor

    man’s DCI: you should check the talk given by @ursm yesterday, thanks!