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How open policies for schools can support public OER projects?

How open policies for schools can support public OER projects?

CC BY 4.0.

Kamil Śliwowski

April 20, 2016

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  1. Kamil Śliwowski, @kasliwowski Polish Coaltion for Open Education / Creative

    Commons Polska / otwartezasoby.pl How open policies for schools can support public OER projects?
  2. Photo. MrPersonOnline , lic. CC BY 3.0 Fair use is

    not enough. Modern education is not possible without Internet and new technologies
  3. Photo. Dyaa Eldin Moustafa, lic. CC BY-SA Mixing open and

    closed resources will never be safe and easy: - in this copyright regime - in teachers work context (lack of time and resources)
  4. CC license exceptions from open license Polish „Nasz Elementarz” open

    textbook http://naszelementarz.men.gov.pl/
  5. Polish Scholaris Platform http://scholaris.pl/ Most government OER projects create content,

    some of them tools, but rarely they are shaping the practice.
  6. And often they vary on how openness is presented and

    available for re-use
  7. Fot. Kamil Śliwowski , lic. CC BY 4.0 Competencies to

    use and create OER’s need different paths (like peer learning, support networks) then formal trainings.
  8. OER Hackaton with Medialab Katowice Collaborative work happens in good

    schools all the time.
  9. Online as well. We do not use and promote that

  10. oerpolicy.eu/lesson/

  11. Open Lesson: - script for a workshop (teacher 4 teachers)

    - easy to adjust depending on the needs and the nature of the group - online/offline activities - additional promotional materials to small school OER campaign
  12. OER, ICT and media literacy: - need for more ICT

    use and media literacy are best use cases for OER - content creation should be always connected with teaching basics of copyright and OER
  13. oerpolicy.eu/school

  14. Open School: - self-diagnosis for school (how we know about

    copyright, OER, how we use ICT) - embracing potential of open licensed content in context - building individual strategy for OER implementation
  15. Bottom-up approach: - Can be different as all schools are

    - adjusted to their level - More natural for headmasters and school ICT champions (in Poland “Superbelfrzy”) - creates workflow not requirements
  16. Thank you! @kasliwowski Graphics from The Noun Project: Box by

    Mourad Mokrane. Graphics Open School and Open Lesson by Piotr Chuchla. Creative Commons Attribution License.