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What is Google BigQuery?

What is Google BigQuery?

For CROSS 2016 presentation


Kazunori Sato

February 04, 2016


  1. What is Google BigQuery?

  2. +Kazunori Sato @kazunori_279 Kaz Sato Staff Developer Advocate, Tech Lead

    for Data & Analytics, Cloud Platform, Google Inc.
  3. = The Datacenter as a Computer

  4. None
  5. Enterprise

  6. Jupiter network 40GbE ports 10GbE x 100K = 1 Pbps

    CLOS topology Software Defined Network
  7. Borg Launches 2B containers / week Manages 10K machines /

    Cell DC-scale proactive job sched (CPU, mem, disk IO, TCP ports) Paxos-based metadata store
  8. Google BigQuery

  9. 1 B 1 B 100 B 900 M

  10. At Google, MapReduce is classic. We use BigQuery. Confidential &

    Proprietary Google Cloud Platform 10
  11. SELECT your_data FROM billions_of_rows WHERE full_disk_scan_required = true; Scanning 1

    TB in 1 sec with 5,000 - 10,000 disk spindles
  12. BigQuery Analytic Service in the Cloud BigQuery Analyze Export Import

    How to use BigQuery? Google Analytics ETL tools Connectors Google Cloud BI tools and Visualization Google Cloud Spreadsheets, R, Hadoop
  13. Blazingly Fast Capable of scanning 10B rows in ~10 sec

    Low Cost Storage: $0.020 per GB per month Queries: $5 per TB Fully Managed Use thousands of servers with zero-ops SQL Simple and Intuitive SQL with JS UDF Benefits of BigQuery
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