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About @kinakobooster in English

About @kinakobooster in English

megumi tree

June 08, 2022

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  1. Self-Introduction Torii @kinakobooster

  2. I got some asking to do something reckless and, I

    solved it all somehow. 
 I’m a jack‐of‐all‐trades and master of none.
  3. I have a good character. I’m not quitter. So I

    am still alive.
  4. Personal history

  5. Born in 1991

  6. I’m from Kawasaki, Japan.
 I lived in Newtown.

  7. Newtown, Fake piles, Fake rivers and Clean apartment

  8. In Childhood, ridiculously BOREDOM.

  9. Going to capital 2004~

  10. No love abnormal school
 mid&high school

  11. No love abnormal school People who hid their love life

    vs A person couldn't find lover, Torii
  12. No love abnormal school False peace.

  13. No love abnormal school Get me out.

  14. Take an Exam 2010

  15. I entered
 The University of Tokyo First Class Faculity of

  16. Change of academic cource

  17. Faculity of Arts and Letters Religion course History of Religion

 I graduated.
  18. Why change cource?

  19. Math is difficult.

  20. Math is difficult.

  21. Math is

  22. It hurt.

  23. I tried to read Buddhist scriptures

  24. not sure.

  25. I tried to read Quran

  26. not sure.

  27. I tried to read the Bible.

  28. then, not sure.

  29. Why do people appreciate these things?

  30. I couldn't understand it, so I decided to learn about

  31. Days in the cource of Religion 2013~

  32. What I found Life happens to the unreasonable. That time,

    we think “Why...”
  33. Peoples: What the my life. Religion: Life is meaningful. Peoples:

    I see~
  34. What I found Religion, It has a lots of methods

    for big unreasonable.
  35. What I found Religion, it including the meaning of life.

    Epic Technology.
  36. and... Torii is passionate about atheism.

  37. Why Religion is NOT helping me out.

  38. Depression vs Torii

  39. Depression vs Torii Torii still win.

  40. Job hunting

  41. Premise I'm not good at introducing myself.

  42. Failed job hunting. I did erratic behavior. I ate snow,

    in front of the library.
  43. An workplace where I have worked part-time hires me.

  44. First job 2015~

  45. Occupation Maze creator for elementary school students

  46. Puzzle nerd makes draft ↓ Torii made maze ↓ The

    look and feel of a maze for elementary school students to have fun playing in.
  47. sort by difficulty level + test play Everyday,

  48. Tragedy 2015~

  49. Premise Torii isn’t able to get up in the morning.

  50. Unable go work on time.

  51. Declining salaries.

  52. This Photo is a payslip. It says YOUR MONTHLY WORK

    IS WORTH 80,000 yen Even if you work every month
  53. Fake yogurt sold for 20yen. Staple food

  54. Job change 1 2018~

  55. Occupation Abnormal game article publisher Design & Edit

  56. Funky boss said We can do what I want with

    other people's money. Work is awesome.
  57. Torii just awaken “I want to do something with other

    people's money.”
  58. Salary gains 4x Buyable real yogurt.

  59. The best editor's words I write my articles as if

    they could be seen a million views at any given time. (Deadline is two weeks before.)
  60. I learned to take pride in my work.

  61. Words from the Deputy Editor Let's go ask him if

    that topic is true while pretending to be an idiot.
  62. There are topics in the world that need to be

    heard, even if they pretend to be idiot.
  63. Job change 2 2019~

  64. Occupation Programmer

  65. Funky president said People who can do both design and

    programming are so good.
  66. They urges me to be freelance. I decided.

  67. Programmer makes me a fortune.

  68. Funky president ”Why don't you start your own business?” Torii

  69. Start business 2019~

  70. Occupation proprietor It means handy men.

  71. Xemono Corp.

  72. Listen to what people have to say, and use the

    skills I have to create something that they will enjoy.
  73. Night owl and queer friendly company

  74. become up to today. congrats for the 4th periods.

  75. What I'm good at

  76. Designing in real time What I'm good at

  77. Listen to what they have to say and design a

    rough draft at the same time.
  78. One meeting, four times progress. With Torii One meeting, one

    times progress. Without Torii
  79. Knowledge
 combinating What I'm good at

  80. Common sense in field A is an anomaly in field

  81. I went through a lot while I was lost in

    life. ↓ I know the advantages of various fields.
  82. Poem What I'm good at

  83. Necessary for humans to work together is It’s poem.

  84. An old company that shouts its company motto every morning

    in a so loud voice. It's about 5% right.
  85. Poems are sung and soon become common knowledge. Common understanding

    is the power of cooperation between people who are different.
  86. Poem of Xemono Corp. 1. Able-bodied isnot the only healthy

    2. Love diversity, even if they come to beat you up. 3. The best people are the ones who work with their hands.
  87. Poem is naming a concept too.

  88. What I did

  89. Needy Streamer Overload 2020- What I did

  90. Occupation Designer Programmer Director That is handy men.

  91. I read the planning text and designed the design in

    Figma. ↓ I shared image.
  92. It was a Win95-style OS, and I put in a

    lot of things I wouldn't have liked to have had. ex) At the bottom of the window, attempts to open a txt file are interfered with.
  93. High volume special processing All OS movements were designed from

    the script text. ↓ Various events were divided between the various divisions of labor.
  94. We didn't give up until it was finished.

  95. May 2022 450K sold.

  96. Chisei bot 2015- What I did

  97. I wanted a friend I could talk to late at

    night. So I created a bot.
  98. Sorry, this chatbot speaks japanese. Chisei, you lile Germany. Yes.

    Ara~ Yes, Demons are fans, too. Germany, where even the demons want to go
  99. Looks cutie.

  100. WON.

  101. Design Lectures 2020 What I did

  102. Explanation for designing from the perspective of lowering cognitive load.

    600K seen.
  103. Viewing numbers increase every spring. Probably used for training, etc.

  104. Convenient use of Torii

  105. Add Insanity Convenient use

  106. Is there enough the bestness in the project?

  107. Put me in a meeting and we can make a

    decision in two hours.
  108. Let's see my decision and then consider the bestness.

  109. Think about whatyou can do with limited resources. Convenient use

  110. ex) Needy girl overdose Development time is six months.

  111. Bugs are bound to happen.

  112. Make people think that bugs are part of the production.

  113. WON.

  114. ex2) Promotional videos 
 of Manga There are only voice

    material and standing pictures.
  115. Let's cut out the standing pictures and make it look

    like a puppet show.
  116. I through it somehow.

  117. Intervene in cases where desires interfere with each other and

    do not proceed. Convenient use
  118. Listen to someone's idea.

  119. Provide possible ideas. I will not allow them to talk

    with empty arguments.
  120. Planning will proceed. Everyone will be happy.

  121. The other

  122. Sweet tooth

  123. Dog person

  124. I like breakup stories.

  125. I have so good character.

  126. That’s all.