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Code Review Workshop for Researchers - SSI 2022 - Closing Remarks

Code Review Workshop for Researchers - SSI 2022 - Closing Remarks

Closing Remarks Presentation of the "Code Review Workshop for Researchers" held online on 10th February 2022

Organised by Software Sustainability Fellows (SSI)
* Dominik Krzemiński (Cambridge University)
* Thibault Lestang (Imperial College London)
* Valerio Maggio (University of Bristol)

More: https://codereviewworkshop.netlify.app

Valerio Maggio

February 10, 2022

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  1. Code Review for Researchers
    Closing Remarks
    ggio V
    lerio M

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  2. Thank You, very much!
    Image Credits: bounteous.com/insights/2019/06/11/code-review-limbo-how-low-should-you-go

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  3. Summary (1/)
    Why Code Review matters ?
    • Code Review fosters Knowledge Sharing

    • Ensures Consistency (design & implementation)

    • Code Review bene
    its overall code quality

    • (also) aids track of changes: pre-commit and post-commit CR

    • Code Review fosters Collaborative work

    • Mentoring new-comers (e.g. new lab members)

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  4. Summary (2/)
    Why Code Review matters ?
    • Code Review lowers the barriers

    • There is no shaming nor blaming in CR!

    • Helps
    ighting the Imposter Syndrome (more on this in the next slide)

    • (Most compelling reason for Code Review)

    Find defects as early as possible in your development process

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  5. Summary (3/)
    How to Code Review ?
    Re Imposter Syndrome, i.e. fear of being found out as “Bad Programmer”

    • Code Review should help to set up a safe environment

    • It is a tool we should use to grow as better SE, and scientists.

    • (therefore) Rule #1: Being Respectful

    • Code Review is not all about defects

    • Great practice to also recognise the good parts of a code listings!

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  6. Summary (4/)
    How to Code Review ? (more practically)
    1) Write some code (😏 )

    2) Ask someone to look at the code

    3) Incorporate their feedback into your

    4) Repeat 2 and 3 until satisfactory for
    both parties

    5) Enjoy 🎉
    Code Review Loop
    • Code Review can be carried out IRL or remotely

    (e.g. GitHub or ReviewBoard)

    • Communicate Goals and Expectations

    • Know what to look for in a CR

    • Give feedback and Helps

    • Make sure to include everyone in the process

    • Every contribution counts

    (like in Open Source)
    (short) Tips list

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  7. Getting Started with Code Review (1/)
    Find Reviewers
    Find Reviewers:

    • In your research group

    • In your lab

    • In your Institution

    • Ask your PI.

    • Organise a Coding-Group

    • Reaching out to SSI and RSEs

    • Join CR Network

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  8. Getting Started with Code Review (2/)
    Choose a Code to Review

    • Aim for 40/45 mins, ~200LOC

    • Choose depending on your expectations

    • Pick a part you are not con
    ident about
    (or very con
    ident with)

    • Pick a part that is representative of your
    programming practice

    • Lean towards Pre-Commit CR in your dev.

    • Fast interactions and (reasonably) short
    comments (esp. for online CR)

    • Explain Why

    • Give Guidance

    • LGTM w/ Comments

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  9. Getting Started with Code Review (3/)
    Start with Conversation and Agree on a Plan
    • (If needed) Introduce yourself: provide background and relevant experience

    • State Expencations and Goals

    • Provide the reviewer with any context or pre-requisite about your code

    • e.g. this is a heavily numerical module that
    its within a larger ecosystem. I have been
    working on this for the past couple of days.

    • e.g. This is a script that simpli
    ies my own personal experimental setup, I wrote it 2 years
    ago from another student's script.

    • Prefer Live Discussion (whenever possible)

    • Give the reviewer some time to make their own independent ideas

    • (Ultimate Goal) Make Code Review a Standard Development Practice

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  10. (some) References
    • Google Engineering Practices Documentation


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    of Your Team’s Research (Vable et al, 2021)


    • Code Reviewing in the Trenches (MacLeod et al 2017)


    • A recent ACM talk by M. Greiler (Youtube)


    • A old, short but popular blog post by Je
    Atwood, see also the discussion underneath


    • Another rather popular couple of posts by M. Lynch


    • What to look for in a code review (Trisha Gee, JetBrains 2017)

    • Code Review By and For Scientists (Petre and Wilson 2014)


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