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スタンフォードオンラインオープンクラスに参加してみて #TechLunch

スタンフォードオンラインオープンクラスに参加してみて #TechLunch

2011/11/09(水) @ Livesense TechLunch
発表者:佐藤 洋輔


Livesense Inc.

April 23, 2014


  1. ίʔε֓ཁ ֤ίʔε঺հ ໰୊఺ จԽͷน eϥʔχϯάͷະདྷ ελϯϑΥʔυ ΦϯϥΠϯΦʔϓϯΫϥεʹ ࢀՃͯ͠Έͯ

  2. ίʔε֓ཁ ແྉͷΦϯϥΠϯΫϥε ಈըʴΫΠζʴ࣮श BasicτϥοΫͱAdvancedτϥοΫ ཤमূ໌

  3. Introduction to Databases Introduction Relational Databases XML Data Relational Algebra

    SQL Relational Design Theory Querying XML Unified Modeling Language Constraints and Triggers Indexes Views Transactions Authorization Recursion in SQL On-Line Analytical Processing
  4. ಈըؑ৆

  5. Intro to AI Overview of AI, Search Statistics, Uncertainty, and

    Bayes networks Machine Learning Logic and Planning Markov Decision Processes and Reinforcement Learning Hidden Markov Models and Filters Adversarial and Advanced Planning Image Processing and Computer Vision Robotics and robot motion planning Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval
  6. ಈըؑ৆

  7. Machine Learning Introduction Linear Regression With One Variable Linear Algebra

    Review Linear Regression with Multi Variables Octave Tutorial Logistic Regression Regularization Neural Networks: Representation Neural Networks: Learning
  8. ໰୊఺ αʔόʔো֐ β൛ Flash ϞόΠϧରԠ ࣮૷ͷͳ͍֓೦ʢRelational Algebraʣ

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  12. จԽͷน ຋༁ radix point PDT ཤमऀͷग़ࣗ

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  16. e-ϥʔχϯάͷະདྷ େֶڭҭͷར఺=ֶࣗʹ͸ͳ͍ମܥɺॻ੶ʹ͸ͳ ͍ਂ͞ ϑϦʔͷ֓࿦ɺͦͷઌ͸ɻɻɻ

  17. ࣍ճ Mootools ελϯϑΥʔυͰԿ͔͋Ε͹͔ͦͬͪ΋͠Ε·ͤΜɻɻɻ

  18. Bye!!