Loomideck online coallaboration tool.

Loomideck online coallaboration tool.

Loomideck is an easy to use collaboration platform with an integrated e-learning layer.




May 16, 2013


  1. 5.

    Email Data attached to emails every time must be saved

    in PC (What are the chances to find file that was saved few months ago?)
  2. 6.

    Cloud storage Handy way to access data from everywhere, but

    doesn't allow to share links, bookmarks.
  3. 8.

    approach Handy way to share and keep data and content

    in order, discuss it with team, set access rights (personal or for entire group). Links are visible with metadata or embedded. Each shared item is searchable. User can connect his own Dropbox, Box and Google Docs accounts
  4. 11.

    Email You can include all receivers into email, but it

    is hard to keep track and find older discussions.
  5. 13.

    Instant communication tools If discussion isn't instant, it is hard

    to keep track and find previous discussions and data related to it (shared docs, links and etc.)
  6. 17.

    Poorly designed profiles Profile which shows only users previous activity

    without a possibility to contact him via other social media channels.
  7. 18.

    approach Profile which shows users previous activity, all possible ways

    to connect with him (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook)
  8. 19.

    Loomideck will be available this summer 2013. Signup now for

    the early bird beta access. http://www.loomideck.com