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DeKalb County Housing Crisis Solutions Town Hall

DeKalb County Housing Crisis Solutions Town Hall

On August 25, 2022, Commissioner Lorraine Cochran-Johnson hosted the DeKalb County Housing Crisis Solutions Town Hall to provide residents with pertinent information regarding the state of housing in DeKalb County, GA and the currents steps taking place on the local and state level to provide permanent housing solutions. Presentations were given by several experts on the following topics: DeKalb County’s TLAC program, Home Loan Programs & Assistance, Current Housing Interest & Mortgage Rates, DeKalb County’s Current Housing Inventory, DeKalb County Housing Authority Selection Process, and Where Georgia Stands From A State Level Perspective On Housing Issues & Legislation. The panel of experts included the following:
Dan Baskerville (Senior Policy Director, Dentons US LLP), Mary Bell (Clerk of Courts, DeKalb State & Magistrate Courts), Tony Kimbrough (Chief Executive Officer, Veterans Empowerment Organization), Fariz Morani (Chief Executive Officer, Access Loans & Financing), Kimberly Pickett (Financial Wellbeing Coach, Operation HOPE, Inc.), and Pete Walker, Jr. (President and CEO, Housing Authority of DeKalb County).

DeKalb County District 7

August 25, 2022

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