Angular & the Cloud: Serverless IoT with Azure & ESP8266

Angular & the Cloud: Serverless IoT with Azure & ESP8266

Nowadays you can buy a lot of stuff for home automation. Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc. are used as a home automation hubs and controllers for smart devices like Hue lights, smart locks, air conditioner, cameras or your lawn mower. Cool consumer stuff, ready to be used in your own home. But what happens if your customer wants his hardware to be “home automatable”? A difficult task? Maybe not! With microcontrollers like the ESP8266 and tools like Azure IoT Hub and Azure Functions we’re able to connect everything to the cloud and to our smartphones easily. And with a little security sugar its safe as well! Join Manuel Rauber in this short talk about getting things “home automatable”.


Manuel Rauber

October 24, 2017