Development Mini Toolbox

Development Mini Toolbox


Marconi Moreto

June 24, 2014


  1. Development Arsenal Marconi Moreto @marconimjr Toolbox mini

  2. This talk is about: Quick list of tools that might

    be useful in your day to day development.
  3. This talk is NOT about: Basic commands, introduction to Linux,

    tutorial, programming or other things not mentioned on the previous slide.
  4. Hard requirements: •Experience with any shell •Comfortable with keyboard shortcuts

  5. What we are going to talk about: •pt •peco •glances

    •zsh •tmux •xmonad
  6. pt A code search tool.

  7. peco Simplistic interactive filtering tool.

  8. glances An eye on your system.

  9. zsh (Z-Shell) An interactive shell with powerful scripting support.

    •Programmable command line completion •Sharing of history between all running sessions •Themeable prompts •Completion •Plugins •Fully customisable
  10. tmux A terminal multiplexer.

  11. xmonad A dynamically tiling X11 window manager.

  12. Kernel OS Window System Window Manager Desktop Environment Linux Graphical

    Layers tmux
  13. Demo

  14. Thank you Marconi Moreto @marconimjr