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How to Build a Magento Agency - Workshop (Meet Magento Netherlands 2013)

May 30, 2013

How to Build a Magento Agency - Workshop (Meet Magento Netherlands 2013)

We shared our experiences in various areas of running a business over the last few years and what our ideals are. It was a great opportunity for others to discuss how they work and I think people will agree it was a very productive hour with topics ranging from scoping techniques to when to hire, to development methodologies.

Thanks all that attended, I really appreciated how involved the workshop attendees were.

Workshop held by Tom Robertshaw


May 30, 2013

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  1. How to Build a Magento Agency Tom Robertshaw Darren Belding

      Meanbee @bobbyshaw @darrenbelding1 @meanbee
  2. Meanbee •  Comp Science - University of Bath, UK • 

    First Magento Build in 2008 •  Graduated in 2011
  3. Meanbee •  Over 30 Magento builds •  Also custom extension

    development •  Certified •  Doubling the team size in 2013
  4. Workshop Aims •  Confession: I don’t run the perfect agency

    •  Sharing experiences helps us to grow together
  5. Workshop Topics •  Business Development •  Requirements Gathering •  Financials

    •  Development •  Testing •  Deployment •  Continuous Integration
  6. Workshop Topics •  Logs & Exceptions •  Project Management • 

    Maintenance •  Hiring •  Community Involvement •  Company Development
  7. Logs & Exceptions •  Easily search logs with services – http://loggly.com/

    – https://papertrailapp.com/ •  Exception handling with http://airbrake.io/ •  Avoid touching the production server
  8. Maintenance •  Regular Money •  Needs to be factored when

    managing time •  Maintained clients are happy clients
  9. Hiring •  Don’t hire too soon •  Don’t hire too

    late •  Surround yourself with people that are better than you.
  10. Hiring •  Make work place attractive •  Perceived value of

    work benefits •  Internal/Personal Development Fridays
  11. Community Involvement •  Help others, in turn they’ll help you

    •  You’ll develop your own skills •  It helps build your reputation