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Jimi Hendrix Artist Experience - Context Scenarios

Jimi Hendrix Artist Experience - Context Scenarios

Jimi Hendrix Artist Experience - Context Scenarios


  1. Universal Mind™ Sony Jimi Hendrix Digital Artist Experience 1 Context

    Scenarios Universal Mind | Digital Artist Experience
  2. Universal Mind™ 1. 2. 3. 6. 4. 5. Tries the

    page navigation at the bottom to jump to chapters/pages Swipes down with 2 fingers and reveals the Lens view Paul pinches the screen to reveal the Stacks view that allows a quick way to see chapters. Swiping pages in a linear form Downloads The Jimi Experience from iTunes On first launch of the app, after the splash screen, coach marks appear to guide the user of the experience. 2 First Time Interaction Paul the fan Universal Mind | Digital Artist Experience
  3. Universal Mind™ 1. 2. 3. 6. 4. 5. Paul realizes

    that all the content is interactive and items can be unlock. He starts playing with every page and piece of content trying to unlock items, videos, pictures, guitars. Paul feels the need to show others that things are discoverable. Paul sees a popup telling him that he now unlocked a guitar in the “Play like Jimi” game, also allows him to tweet it out to his friends. Enters the Early Years chapter and starts playing with content Notices a timed popup call out telling him to swipes across the Ozark guitar as if to strum it. 3 Unlockable content experience Paul the fan Universal Mind | Digital Artist Experience
  4. Universal Mind™ 1. 2. 3. 6. 4. 5. He notices

    that he’s still has the main experience on the iPad so he starts swiping through content as the music player continues to play on his TV He pinches and zooms into a video, he sees that the audio fades out and the video is playing full screen on his TV. The video ends and the music player fades back in and continues to play as he continues exploring content After selecting the Apple TV to broadcast to he sees the music player on the TV and it starts playing music and content starts animating in. Robert sits on the couch and starts up the Jimi app, to show his friends He sees the app already knows he has an apple TV and the AirPlay icon shows up on the app 4 Airplay/Second Screen experience Robert the Interested User Universal Mind | Digital Artist Experience
  5. Universal Mind™ 1. 2. 3. 6. 4. 5. After picking

    the free song she noticed there were other guitars that were locked, she pick the one that was currently available. She started tapping away to the song and thought it was fun and entertaining she tried it a few times to beat her score and see what her friends on Game Center had. She wanted to beat here friends so she purchased the game and played the harder songs as well as unlocking a few guitars to increase her score. Candace saw there was a free play option she chose that to see what the game was like. Candace found the Jimi Hendrix app from her friends, it was free so she jumped right in. Along with all the engaging content she noticed there was a game “Play like Jimi”. 5 Play like Jimi, the game experience Candace the Exploratory User Universal Mind | Digital Artist Experience
  6. Universal Mind™ 1. 2. 3. 6. 4. 5. He decides

    to check out the Discography and see what other music he doesn't have. He starts thumbing through the albums, and notices that the app recognizes the songs he has and the ones he doesn't have. He can select the songs and play the music to hear the samples, he can also select the songs he owns and listen to the whole song. He purchases the song in iTunes and then returns to the app, using the multitasking feature on the iPad. Paul opens the Jimi app, after dinner and starts swiping around the app reading more about JImi Hendrix, he’s listening to the music player roll through Jimi’s music. He hears a song he hasn't heard before, he taps on the music player to see the song title and album. He likes, so he decides to buy the song. 6 Playing Music, new and already owned Paul the fan Universal Mind | Digital Artist Experience