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#NoLearning - ACE2014

#NoLearning - ACE2014

Slides for my #NoLearning talk delivered on 16th June 2014 at ACE conference in Kraków

Marcin Floryan

June 16, 2014

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  1. June 2014 #NoLearning

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  4. I’m Marcin Floryan http://marcin.floryan.pl

  5. Sergei head of IT @mfloryan

  6. @mfloryan

  7. Are you paid

  8. #NoLearning

  9. I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them

    think Socrates
  10. For the correct analogy for the mind is not a

    vessel that needs filling but wood that needs igniting Plutarch
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  12. Primed Deliberate Validated ƾ ƾ ƾ

  13. Primed ƾ

  14. ƾ

  15. ƾ

  16. ƾ Lord Anson

  17. ƾ

  18. ƾ James Lind

  19. ƾ James Cook

  20. ƾ

  21. ƾ HMS Endeavour

  22. ƾ

  23. ƾ

  24. #NoLearning ƾ

  25. None
  26. ƾ

  27. ƾ Ignaz Semmelweis

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  30. #NoLearning ƾ

  31. ƾ Semmelweis reflex

  32. In spite of their conceptual and mathematical elegance, functional programming

    languages never caught on for commercial software. Kent Beck ƾ
  33. It is impossible for anyone to begin to learn that

    which he thinks he already knows. Epictetus ƾ
  34. ƾ Primed Prepared Planned

  35. ƾ

  36. ƾ

  37. Primed Deliberate Validated ƾ ƾ ƾ

  38. Deliberate ƾ

  39. ƾ

  40. ƾ Deliberate Practice

  41. Mihály Csíkszentmihályi ƾ

  42. ƾ Flow

  43. Mastery of the knowledge alone isn’t sufficient Andy Hunt ƾ

  44. ƾ Kolb Learning Cycle

  45. Whatever you would make habitual, practice it; and if you

    would not make a thing habitual, do not practice it, but accustom yourself to something else. Epictetus ƾ
  46. You want to do it – do it. You want

    to stop doing it Do something else. Epictetus ƾ
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  52. Primed Deliberate Validated ƾ ƾ ƾ

  53. Validated ƾ

  54. ƾ

  55. ƾ

  56. ƾ

  57. confirmation bias ƾ

  58. ƾ

  59. Dunning–Kruger effect ƾ

  60. ƾ Save-on-read

  61. ? Questions ƾ

  62. What have you changed? ƾ

  63. ƾ ƾ ƾ

  64. The Law of Learning Entropy

  65. None
  66. If you've done something with what you've learned, then maybe

    you know it. Seth Godin
  67. Primed Deliberate Validated ƾ ƾ ƾ

  68. Maybe...

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