Open Source Design

Open Source Design

I did a co presentation this with my colleague Ekemini Mark on the topic: Getting Started with Open Design.


Mfonobong Umondia David

December 14, 2019


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    Open Source Design The Then, Now, and There of Open

    Source Design
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    Speaking… @bella_mfonobong Ekemini Mark UX Designer | Illustrator Currently contributing

    at Google Code-In 2019 Lead Dribbble, Uyo Mfonobong Umondia UIUX Designer Currently growing an eStartup Lead Figma Ambassador, Uyo @ekeminimarkk
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    Content - What is Open Source - 7 other ways

    you can contribute to open source without code - What is open source design - Why you should do open source design - Benefits of doing open source design - Companies interested in open source design and how - What contributing to open source design means - How to contribute to open source (step by step guide) - Know this tools if you want to become an open source designer - Useful links to begin contributing - Q&As
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    Open Source The term "open source" refers to something people

    can modify and share because its design is publicly accessible. Open-source software is a type of computer software in which source code is released under a license in which the copyright holder grants users the rights to study, change, and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose.
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    Design and implementation of products and softwares without retention of

    intellectual property. Either by way of improving ux, interface design, branding, it even visual and motion design.
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    Why you should do OS Design 1. They appreciate the

    value of helping each other and appreciates other peoples help 2. They simply like to give back to the world in general. A charitable motivation, coupled with a passion for what they are doing. 3. They want to use the contribution in order to promote themselves for occupational advancement, like getting hired or promoted, gaining the respect of peers, or finding customers.
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    5. Open source provides you with other perks like participating

    in competitions like GSoC, Outreachy, etc. (live coding experience) 6. The love of the community. Open source is open and diverse. It doesn’t matter the college you graduated from, whether you are a student or a seasoned developer, your ideas will always be respected and considered. Etc. etc. etc
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    Step by Step Guide to begin... - Learn Open Source

    soft skills (collaboration, Git commands etc) - Find your area of interest (education, softwares, health, social, etc) - Search for organizations that do things that interest you and join - Spot out an error or issues listed in the github page and fix the ones you can - Always ask for reviews at every point
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    ToolKit - Gitlab - GitHub - Stack overflow - Text

    Editor - Design Software - Meeting and Communication platforms