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DroidKaigi 2019 WelcomeTalk

February 07, 2019

DroidKaigi 2019 WelcomeTalk

DroidKaigi 2019 Day.1 WelcomeTalk #droidkaigi のウェルカムトークです。

What is DroidKaigi?

What is DroidKaigi?
DroidKaigi is a conference tailored for Android developers.
It's scheduled to take place on the 7th and 8th of February 2019.


February 07, 2019

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  1. None
  2. Masahiro HIDAKA DroidKaigi Representative

  3. DroidKaigi Overview

  4. #droidkaigi #room1~ #room7 #hallA #hallB #codelab

  5. Knowledge sharing
 and communication Our objectives are to help Android

    developers “LEARN" as the main theme.
  6. Our conference is dedicated to providing 
 a safe environment

    for everyone Code of Conduct / ߦಈنൣ
  7. 1000 Attendees from all over the world

  8. 87 Sessions by 100 professional engineers

  9. Session Update Day1 15:40- AndroidΤϯδχΞ͕཈͓͑ͯ͘΂͖ Unicode Emojiͷ஌ࣝ Room4 ͔Β Room1

  10. Session Cancelled Day1 15:40- ͪΌΜͱͭ͘Δ Google Assistant ΞϓϦ ॾࣄ৘ʹΑΓΩϟϯηϧ͞Ε·ͨ͠

  11. Session Cancelled Day1 11:20- What is Navigation Architecture Component and

    Tips ॾࣄ৘ʹΑΓΩϟϯηϧ͞Ε·ͨ͠
  12. Session Cancelled Day2 15:40- WiFi Direct + VpnServiceͰSIMແ͠ AndroidΛWebੈքʹࣾձ෮ؼͤ͞Δ࿩ ॾࣄ৘ʹΑΓΩϟϯηϧ͞Ε·ͨ͠

  13. DroidKaigi Facilities

  14. Live Streaming Several sessions will be live streamed from the

    DroidKaigi YouTube channel.
  15. Simultaneous interpretation In Room3 (Japanese to English, English to Japanese)

  16. All sessions recorded We plan to release video on YouTube

    as soon as possible after conference.
  17. Floor map - 1F

  18. Floor map - 5F

  19. The Android App Improvement Challenge! We have Codelabs in Room5

    on both Day1 and Day2.
  20. Network Sponsor Available on the 5th floor only. SSIDɹDroidKaigi2019

  21. Technical Support for Network

  22. Lunch Sponsors 11:50-12:50

  23. Power Supply Sponsors

  24. Drink Sponsors

  25. Food Sponsors

  26. Special Sponsors

  27. Special Sponsor ۙ͘Λ૸Δ୭͔ͷΫϧϚΛεϚϗͰݺ΂ ΔɺεϚʔτૹܴΞϓϦʮCREWʯ DroidKaigiͷࢀՃऀݶఆͰ
 1೔ઌண150໊༷ʹ2000ptϓϨθϯτ ʢ2೔ؒͰ300໊ʣ Ϋʔϙϯίʔυɿdroid_kaigi_2019 ࢖͍ํ͸͓഑ΓͷνϥγΛ͝ཡ͍ͩ͘͞

  28. Platinum Sponsors

  29. Platinum Sponsor Message Mercari Loves Android ὑ ͜ͷ೔͕དྷΔͷΛ̍೥ָؒ͠Έʹͯ͠ ·ͨ͠ɻࠓ೥΋AndroidΛָ͠Έਚ͘ ͠·͠ΐ͏ʙʂ

  30. Platinum Sponsor Message ZOZOάϧʔϓ͸ࡢ೥ઃཱ20प೥Λܴ͑ɺ ୈ2ͷ૑ۀظͱ΋ݴ͑Δస׵ظΛܴ͑·ͨ͠ɻ ͜ͷதͰࢲͨͪZOZOςΫϊϩδʔζ͸ɺ ΤϯδχΞ΍σβΠφʔͳͲ ੍࡞ʹܞΘΔશͯͷٕज़ऀΛू݁͠ɺ ZOZOάϧʔϓͷαʔϏεӡ༻ɾٕज़։ൃΛ ୲౰͍ͯ͠·͢ɻ

    70ԯਓͷϑΝογϣϯΛٕज़ͷྗͰ ม͍͖͍͑ͯͨօ༷Λ͓଴͓ͪͯ͠Γ·͢ɻ
  31. Platinum Sponsor Message େاۀͷΞηοτΛ΋ͬͨ ελʔτΞοϓͱͯ͠ϦʔϯͰ͋Γ ͳ͕Βɺେن໛ͳ։ൃମ੍Λ૊Έɺ ϘτϜΞοϓͰࣄۀ՝୊Λ ΤϯδχΞϦϯάͰղܾ͍ͯ͘͠ɺ ͱ͍͏͜ͱΛେ੾ʹ͍ͯ͠·͢ɻ

  32. Supporters

  33. 39 Sponsors By Android leading companies

  34. DroidKaigi Official App

  35. Takahirom AbemaTV / CyberAgent, Inc DroidKaigi App Organizer

  36. None
  37. 310 Issues 33 open 267 closed, 2018 +20%

  38. 500+ PRs 2054 commits, 2018 +20%

  39. Conference App Contributors

  40. Conference App Contributors

  41. Conference App Contributors

  42. 145+ Contributors Many thanks for your support!

  43. DroidKaigi Program

  44. Programming Live and Learn You choose anything you want from

    wide-range session categories
  45. Day1 First 4 Sessions ɹNozomi Takuma
 ɹAdarsh Fernando

  46. After Party 17:20~ Doors Open, Event Hall

  47. Feedback Talk to any of the staff :)

  48. Day2 Breakfast will be ready Breakfast will be deployed in

    the Exhibition Room tomorrow!First come, first served.
  49. Enjoy DroidKaigi! Conference App