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Choosing the right grass (Thailand)

C62291821dac0dd5b7ef3b72a30cd137?s=47 Micah Woods
March 10, 2016

Choosing the right grass (Thailand)

Discusses the grasses that will produce the optimum playing conditions with a minimum of inputs. Presented in Bangkok at The R&A Seminar on Sustainable Golf Course Design, Renovation, and Maintenance in Asia


Micah Woods

March 10, 2016


  1. Choosing the right grass Micah Woods Chief Scientist | Asian

    Turfgrass Center www.asianturfgrass.com The R&A Seminar on Sustainable Golf Course Design, Renovation, and Maintenance in Asia March 2016
  2. What grass gives optimum conditions with a minimum of inputs?

    fine fescue Scotland
  3. It depends on location • Cool-season grass: mean annual temperature

    < 14° • Warm-season grass: mean annual temperature > 20° • Transition zone: mean annual temperature from 14 to 20°. Warm- season or cool-season grasses can grow. Warm-season usually have lower inputs.
  4. None
  5. First planted to cool-season grass creeping bentgrass Shanghai, 1999

  6. Later changed to warm-season grass paspalum/ryegrass Shanghai, 2014

  7. If cool-season grasses are used . • The species likely

    to give the best conditions with the lowest inputs in East Asia are creeping bentgrass (for tee, fairway, green) and tall fescue or fine fescue in higher cut areas.
  8. It also depends on water • What is the irrigation

    requirement? • [ET minus effective precipitation] adjusted for irrigated area, DU, and water source • What is the quantity of water available? • What is the quality of the water available?
  9. None
  10. Wiecko, 2000 Bermudagrass does not perform well as a managed

    turfgrass in East and Southeast Asia.
  11. manilagrass fairway Philippines This used to be a bermudagrass fairway.

    Not anymore. The transition happened naturally.
  12. Seashore paspalum fairway Ko Samui January 2004

  13. Seashore paspalum fairway Ko Samui January 2004

  14. 75% bermudagrass, 25% seashore paspalum Ko Samui September 2005

  15. 90% bermudagrass, 10% zoysiagrass Ko Samui November 2015

  16. Removing bermudagrass from seashore paspalum Hanoi

  17. South-facing slopes, bermuda & seashore paspalum ATC research facility January

  18. Bermudagrass February 2007

  19. Seashore paspalum February 2007

  20. Seashore paspalum replaced by bermuda April 2007

  21. None
  22. We grew 419 bermudagrass, Salam seashore paspalum, & manilagrass Zoysia

    matrella Thailand
  23. These are the grasses during the fourth week of the

    experiment in December 2013. simulated fairway turf Thailand
  24. Zoysia matrella was 22% more efficient in water use and

    25% more efficient in N use. It does not require as much water or nitrogen to produce a dense sward. measuring water use Thailand
  25. None
  26. Kawana: no sprinkler system, zoysia tees, fairways, greens, rough. Z.

    matrella & Z. japonica Japan
  27. Royal Hua Hin: native grasses, excellent ground contours and playing

    condition mix of native grasses Thailand
  28. Native grass at Royal Hua Hin mix of native grasses

  29. Tree shade is pleasant on a tropical golf course; what

    other grass is so versatile? tropical carpetgrass Thailand
  30. Tolerant of heat, sun, shade, few diseases or insect or

    weed problems tropical carpetgrass Singapore
  31. Zoysia matrella in sun, tropical carpetgrass in shade Zoysia matrella

    & carpetgrass Singapore
  32. Excellent playing conditions with minimal inputs Zoysia & carpetgrass Hong