Game developer. Specialist in artificial intelligence (AI) for digital games.

Developer of artificial intelligence (AI) for digital games. After studying mathematics at Kyoto University, followed by a master’s course in physics at the Graduate School of Science, Osaka University, and a doctoral course in the School of Engineering, University of Tokyo, commenced research into artificial intelligence. As a game AI developer, currently engaged in the development of AI technology for digital games. Chair of AI expert group on Japanese games, International Game Developers Association. Board Member of Digital Games Research Association Japan. Board Member of The Society for Art and Science. Member of the Editorial Board of The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence. Author of: Philosophy Tutorial for Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy Tutorial for Artificial Intelligence: Eastern Philosophy Edition (both, PNN Shinsha); How to Create Artificial Intelligence (Gijutsu Hyoronsha); Why Can Artificial Intelligence Converse with People (Mainabi Shuppan); ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘Artificial Intellect’ (jCardbook). Co-author of:
Understanding Artificial Intelligence Through Images (SB Creative); How High School Students Can Understand Artificial Intelligence Via Games (Chikuma Shobo); Introduction to Game Informatics (Koronasha); Supervisory author of: Anatomy of Best ‘Go’ AI: Alpha ‘Go’ (Shoeisha); Understanding Artificial Intelligence Via Manga (Ikeda Shoten).


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