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All the news that fits

Chris J Clarke
October 19, 2015

All the news that fits

Chris J Clarke

October 19, 2015

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  1. © Open Signal Chris Clarke - Full Stack Toronto -

    November 2015 All the news that fits @guardian @mr_mr
  2. Header Navigation Container A D C E B Header Navigation

    Article content D B Container A @mr_mr
  3. We moved away from thinking about specific pages on the

    site and how they might be filled with content Nick Haley- Director of UX - the Guardian  @twobobswerver
  4. They (the readers) could no longer see the same amount

    of news in a single viewport Vs the current website @mr_mr
  5. @WoodyZuill  Sometimes you need to make things until you

    see the thing you really need to make. Woody Zuill - Agile coach
  6. Clayton Christensen  People don’t buy things because of their

    demographics. Nobody buys something because they’re a 25-30 male with a college degree, but rather because they go about living their life and some situations arise in which they need to solve a problem. And so they ‘hire’ a product to do the ‘job’ @claychristensen
  7. Update / I need to know what’s happening right now

    / I want to feel connected to what’s going on in the world  @mr_mr Modes of consumption
  8. Modes of consumption Extend / I want to gain a

    deeper understanding of a specific story  @mr_mr
  9. Discover / I want to be shown something new about

    the things I'm interested in @mr_mr  Modes of consumption
  10. More time you expect to spend Most time you expect

    to spend Short amount of time you expect to spend @mr_mr Update Extend Discover
  11. The consumption of content Users satisfaction of the page Perceived

    time and effort they expect to spend Presentation & variety of content = + @mr_mr
  12. 20 20 5 5 F Th W Tu M Setup

    F Th W Tu M 100 50 50 20 20 @mr_mr
  13. Chris Clarke - Full Stack Toronto - November 2015 bit.ly/fst-allthenews

    @mr_mr @guardian Thank you’s Sam Morris Cecilia Dobbs Theresa Malone Katrina Stubbings Alex Breuer Chris Mulholland Nick Haley and anyone else I’ve forgotten who in some part attributed to this work.