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Scaling Deployment at Etsy

Scaling Deployment at Etsy

How we keep deployment fast at Etsy, presented at Scaleconf 2013

Daniel Schauenberg

April 18, 2013

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  1. February 2013 •1.49 billion page views •4,215,169 items sold •$94.7

    million of goods sold •22+ million members •800,000+ active shops http://www.etsy.com/blog/news/2013/etsy-statistics-february-2013-weather-report/ | Items by RockerDollJewellery, ZulamimiLand, codice, 42Things Thursday, April 18, 13
  2. CI - The Old Way •~10 buildtest servers, single SSD

    •running multiple Jenkins executors •tests pegging IO •Jenkins is much better at running single executors Thursday, April 18, 13
  3. The Bobs •LXC containers on buildtests •Multiple SSDs •Labels for

    heavy/any execution •One heavy executor per disk Thursday, April 18, 13
  4. #push •IRC channel to organize push trains •Join a train

    if you want to deploy changes •Schedule is planned via the channel topic •First in the train is the driver (controls the deploy) •Opening hours: 7am - 10pm NYC time Thursday, April 18, 13
  5. #push bateman* + krunal* + enorris* | tristan (c) +

    jameslee (c) + jlaster (c) | dawa + corey + sandosh + jklein + magera + seth_home + mpascual + nathan | bateman | russp (c) Thursday, April 18, 13
  6. Summary •Current setup has scaled to ~150 people •Constantly trying

    to improve the speed of deployment •Find weak parts in the process and make them more robust/faster •Bring Dev closer to Prod •Not being able to deploy has the same status as the site being down Thursday, April 18, 13