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script your way to nosql

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April 29, 2014

script your way to nosql

a talk on javascript talk at nosql matters 2014



April 29, 2014


  1. <script>  your  way   into  NoSQL   Patrick  Mulder  

  2. In the beginning, there was LAMP

  3. Linux   Apache   MySQL   Perl  (or  PHP)  

    hBp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LAMP_(soHware_bundle)   ALTER table ...
  4. The dawn of ORMs Hibernate ActiveRecord

  5. Data   Store   Client   API   stateless  

    URIs   resources   Today,  API‘s  vs  Clients   MV*  
  6. remote STATE Synchronize

  7. The client-side runs   JavaScript  

  8. Document stores provide JSON natively

  9. Apps with MEAN stacks

  10. MongoDB ExpressJS AngularJS Node

  11. But, there is also Meteor, ArangoDB-Foxx, Rendr, Brainy, Backbone-ORM, Serverbone,

    BookshelfJS, i-tier, Thorax, DerbyJS, ...
  12. The main point 100% JavaScript

  13. A Good Thing MulVple   runVmes  

  14. A quick demo on  JavaScript   RunVmes:   Node  –

     Browser  –  ArangoDB  
  15. More Good Things concurrency   built-­‐in  

  16. A quick demo on  the     event-­‐loop  

  17. Challenges ... inheritance async vs sync throwing errors

  18. From JSON ... {! "director": "Matthew Vaughn",! "rating": 3.4,! "showtime":

    1388766180,! "description": „In grief and anger, Lensherr's magnetic power manifests .... ",! "title": "X-Men: First Class",! "id": 15,! "year": 2011,! "length": 132,! "genres": [! "Action",! "Adventure",! "Sci-Fi"! ]! }!
  19. ... to data „modules“ with event emitters to be exported

    Demo  let‘s  create  a  model  
  20. „Enhanced“ data events   validaVons   map  primary  key  

  21. The jQuery of data Underscore Lo-Dash and promises

  22. Interesting projects •  http://knexjs.org/ •  https://www.arangodb.org/foxx •  http://bookshelfjs.org/ •  https://github.com/Everyplay/backbone-

  23. var talk; talk.quesVons()              

  24. Developing Web Apps with BackboneJS